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Escape Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play DayMare Town 2
DayMare Town 2 game free online

DayMare Town 2 Game HOT

Find yourself lost again on the streets of this odd town. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again?... Every nook and cranny holds a secret in Daymare Town 2. Unlock the mystery o...

played 11.965 times
Play DayMare Town 3
DayMare Town 3 game free online

DayMare Town 3 Game

Didn’t we just escape from that hellish town in a hot air ballon at the end of DayMare Town 2? Well. It couldn’t be THAT easy, don’t you agree? So as we return to the daymare, one qu...

played 10.104 times
Play Desolation The Stage of Anxiety
Desolation The Stage of Anxiety game free online

Desolation The Stage of Anxiety Game

This new type of game developped by our team will bring you in an amazing horror - suspense - adventure - shooting style journey. In this puzzle like - shooting game, you will play a...

played 10.513 times
Play Detective Conan 1 Cluedo House
Detective Conan 1 Cluedo House game free online

Detective Conan 1 Cluedo House Game

Explore the world as you click around and find out where to go and where you can't go. Look for clues that help you to uncover the mysterious events that happened at that house 5 yea...

played 57.139 times
Play Detective Grimoire
Detective Grimoire game free online

Detective Grimoire Game HOT

This mystery game involves searching for clues, discovering evidence, talking to witnesses and solving the mystery. A whole host of characters, detailed locations and a fiendish myst...

played 15.924 times
Play Dexter's Laboratory - Runaway Robot
Dexter's Laboratory - Runaway Robot game free online

Dexter's Laboratory - Runaway Robot Game HOT

Help Dexter find his missing robot! Look for special pairs of glsases hidden troughout Dexter's house. Once you collect all of them, you can discover the secret location. Also keep a...

played 22.810 times
Play Doctor Ku The Alien Room
Doctor Ku The Alien Room game free online

Doctor Ku The Alien Room Game HOT

Great Escape game! Help doctor Ku and the alien escape from the attic. To escape the attic you have to help the alien first. A complex alien proccess can turn the natural songs into...

played 6.168 times
Play Doctor Ku The Cellar
Doctor Ku The Cellar game free online

Doctor Ku The Cellar Game

Great Escape game! Help doctor Ku Escape the cellar using the objects around. Check rooms and find items that will help you in this mystery.

played 5.623 times
Play Doctor Ku The Kitchen
Doctor Ku The Kitchen game free online

Doctor Ku The Kitchen Game

The Kitchen is sequel of Doctor Ku point and click escape adventure game series. Help doctor Ku escape from The Kitchen. lick around the game as you find objects that are clickable...

played 6.254 times
Play Dr. Stanleys House
Dr. Stanleys House game free online

Dr. Stanleys House Game

Explore and find objects that help you get more objects to complete the game.

played 6.430 times
Play Dungeon Escape
Dungeon Escape game free online

Dungeon Escape Game

Figure out how to escape from the dungeon by solving various puzzles. Escape from the Dungeon by finding items, using them with right things and solving puzzles.

played 5.446 times
Play Emerald Thief
Emerald Thief game free online

Emerald Thief Game HOT

Avoid detection from cameras and robots, make it through the level and unlock a door or two. Check the map of the museum properly. You have to reach the Emerald chamber and steal the...

played 3.771 times
Play Enter to the House
Enter to the House game free online

Enter to the House Game HOT

Help him if you want. Someone lost their keys and they want to enter the house. Will you help him?

played 3.575 times