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Escape Games

Fun to Play!

Play Jailbreak!
Jailbreak! game free online

Jailbreak! Game

Welcome to "Hell County Correctional Facility" sonny! While you're here you'll do exactly as I say... or I'll be seeing you in the showers! I'll be giving you various jobs. Do all 1...

played 14.163 times
Play Keke
Keke game free online

Keke Game

The Offical Keke-Game is simply a flash point and click adventure type escape game. In this game, you have to do right things to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

played 6.176 times
Play Key Room Escape
Key Room Escape game free online

Key Room Escape Game

Escape from the key room by finding the objects. you are locked up in the key room, and you will have to escape from the room by finding objects and using them accordingly.

played 24.499 times
Play Konbai Game
Konbai Game game free online

Konbai Game Game HOT

A russian escape game. No idea what it is about but simple enough to understand. You have to escape the room. Look around in the room, find keys and objects and escape.

played 3.440 times
Play La Piece
La Piece game free online

La Piece Game

Try to escape from another room. Looks to be a hard one. A strange game where the goal is (as usual) out of the room. You're in a room and you can make objects appear, by moving yo...

played 9.846 times
Play Locked In Bathroom
Locked In Bathroom game free online

Locked In Bathroom Game HOT

Your brother went to the bathroom and left an awful odor. You've been locked up there. Find the clues to get the code that opens the briefcase and find the key before you die asphyxi...

played 2.900 times
Play Locked Office
Locked Office game free online

Locked Office Game

Another graphical adventure where you have to escape from jail. You are stuck in an office, you need to find your way out using logic.

played 4.876 times
Play Lovely Manford Gets A Lovely New Jacket
Lovely Manford Gets A Lovely New Jacket game free online

Lovely Manford Gets A Lovely New Ja... Game

Unconventional Point'n'Click escape game.

played 2.734 times
Play Magneto Syndrome
Magneto Syndrome game free online

Magneto Syndrome Game HOT

Try to escape the laboratory using your magnetic ability! It is pretty hard! Steve... he promised to cure my pain. I need to get out of here, but how?

played 2.783 times
Play Mandrake Episode 1
Mandrake Episode 1 game free online

Mandrake Episode 1 Game HOT

It was a hard day. Not everything went as planned, But don't give up! You must get Back your singing Mandrake. Be cunning fike fox and don't forget your fiends. After many years to...

played 7.869 times
Play Memento
Memento game free online

Memento Game HOT

This topdown game has a seriious help system guiding you through the game. Grab a gun and hunt the other mysterious man thats hiding in this dark town. This game is a remake of Manhu...

played 4.712 times
Play Mental
Mental game free online

Mental Game

Escape the mental hospital in the fastest possible time. You control 3 characters in the game. Each can be used to complete different tasks that ultimately helps all of them to escap...

played 7.768 times
Play Mind Maze
Mind Maze game free online

Mind Maze Game

You have just gone to sleep, and you are about to enter the Mind Maze. It is a place created by your imagination to challenge your soul and mind. This game combindes the puzzle,...

played 21.637 times