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Escape Games

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Play The Quest For Ikambokem
The Quest For Ikambokem game free online

The Quest For Ikambokem Game HOT

You are about to begin a twisted tale of insanity. Use your head to solve puzzles. The Trial and Error method will just get you killed.

played 6.065 times
Play Escape Series #2 The Closet
Escape Series #2 The Closet game free online

Escape Series #2 The Closet Game HOT

The Escape series returns with another room you must escape from. Can you solve the puzzles? Try to escape. Click everywhere to figure things out! In the afro-ninja escape series the...

played 6.064 times
Play Coorp. pt. 2
Coorp. pt. 2 game free online

Coorp. pt. 2 Game HOT

The Sequel of Coorp 1. Go deeper into this strange mystery to discover what is happening in Coorp. Inc.

played 5.971 times
Play Submachine 3 - The Loop
Submachine 3 - The Loop game free online

Submachine 3 - The Loop Game HOT

In Submachine 3 the dream continues as you must try to escape from a series of seemingly endless, identical chambers. This time there is no inventory, nothing to assemble - just an i...

played 5.937 times
Play Pico's Cousin 2
Pico's Cousin 2 game free online

Pico's Cousin 2 Game HOT

Otis visits his grandma but she and his father disappear, leaving him in the retirement home.

played 5.802 times
Play The Great Bathroom Escape
The Great Bathroom Escape game free online

The Great Bathroom Escape Game HOT

The great Bathroom escape is a funny escape the room type game. You are locked in the Bathroom. Look around, search for items, escape form the Living room! The 3rd in a series of Gre...

played 4.859 times
Play The Several Journeys Of Reemus
The Several Journeys Of Reemus game free online

The Several Journeys Of Reemus Game HOT

Many moons ago in the kingdom of Fredericus, there lived a champion dragon slayer. Beloved by the people, feared by outlaws, hated by dragons. He brought justice and peace to the lan...

played 4.095 times
Play Emerald Thief
Emerald Thief game free online

Emerald Thief Game HOT

Avoid detection from cameras and robots, make it through the level and unlock a door or two. Check the map of the museum properly. You have to reach the Emerald chamber and steal the...

played 3.800 times
Play Heavens Key
Heavens Key game free online

Heavens Key Game HOT

Heavens Key is some kind of Escape the Room Adventure.

played 3.221 times
Play Locked In Bathroom
Locked In Bathroom game free online

Locked In Bathroom Game HOT

Your brother went to the bathroom and left an awful odor. You've been locked up there. Find the clues to get the code that opens the briefcase and find the key before you die asphyxi...

played 2.845 times
Play Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 1)
Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 1) game free online

Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The S... Game

The first episode of Arcane Stone Circle series. Arcane gets its way, a splendid saga investigative-style point-and-click, composed of eight exciting episodes. It all starts with the...

played 71.996 times
Play Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 2)
Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 2) game free online

Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The S... Game

Episode 2 of the mystery! Ophelia The concert was a success and great satisfaction, but the stress of the evening extended his extra-sensory powers, making it much more sensitive to...

played 29.450 times
Play Darkness Episode 2
Darkness Episode 2 game free online

Darkness Episode 2 Game

Horror point-and-click adventure game. Solve the puzzle by collecting all the hints! You woke up in a hospital when it is closed and you have to figure out a way to escape.

played 28.986 times