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Penance Game Description

Penance is an escape-the-room type point-and-click adventure set in a purgatorial train station. The object of the game is to figure out why you are there and how to leave. Penance is a gloomy game, one that deals with mature themes such as drugs and murder. It is not for everyone, and yet it is indeed fun and challenging to play. It is a critical thinking person's game about suffering and atonement, and one in which your answers will ultimately affect the outcome.

Penance Game Instructions

As with other games of this type, navigate by moving the mouse toward the edges of the game window. The cursor will change to an arrow indicating movement in that direction is possible.

As you explore the boundaries of the station, you will find items to examine when the cursor changes to a magnifying glass. Other items can only be found by solving a puzzle. Some puzzles require you to type on the keyboard, using all lowercase. Look around for clues that can provide you with answers to the questions asked of you.

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Penance Game
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Game name: Penance
Played: 3.912 times
Category: Puzzle games » Escape games
Author: Paul Wagstaff

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