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Hidden Object Games

Are you good enough?

Play Hidden Mickey Hunt
Hidden Mickey Hunt game free online

Hidden Mickey Hunt Game

Can you find all the hidden Mickey's? Silhouettes of Mickey's head are hidden in each stage. When you click on a Hidden Mickey, the number of Hidden Mickeys at the top of the board g...

played 17.914 times
Play Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures
Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures game free online

Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures Game

Find trinkets hidden in Holly's room. Concentrate and focus to find the items. Some items are harder to find than the others but you'll find them if you look hard enough. Find the ob...

played 7.032 times
Play IPhone Mystery
IPhone Mystery game free online

IPhone Mystery Game HOT

Find Steve Jobs' iPhone and other items he's lost on the multiple room scenes. Steve Jobs has misplaced his iPhones and he desperateiy needs your help to recover them. On the first s...

played 8.106 times
Play Jellybabies
Jellybabies game free online

Jellybabies Game

Zoom in or out and locate the small green yellow blue and red men that are in the background. Find all of the colorful jelly babies in the house before time runs out.

played 5.214 times
Play Kapabo Chase
Kapabo Chase game free online

Kapabo Chase Game HOT

Collect the items to win. A fun point and click game. Talk to the people and find out what they are missing.

played 7.200 times
Play Oh My Cake
Oh My Cake game free online

Oh My Cake Game

Some evil bugs have stolen your favorite cake and has scattered around the house. Find them before you run out of time! you've to find out all the bugs that have stolen your cake, be...

played 5.195 times
Play Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt
Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt game free online

Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt Game

Find the missing bottle caps. The Soda Pop Girls' pets hid 6 bottle caps in the Pet Shop, and we need them for the Soda Pop Factory! Can you help us find the bottle caps?

played 7.512 times
Play SSSG - Xmas Lights
SSSG - Xmas Lights game free online

SSSG - Xmas Lights Game

Hunt for crystals in the beautiful Christmas light photos. Help sneaky find all 100 crystals that have been lost. Each crystal looks like a snowflake. The faster you find them the mo...

played 6.380 times
Play Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn game free online

Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn Game

Find all 100 crystals in the delightful autumn scenes. Help Sneaky find all 100 crystals that are hidden throughout the autumn scenes. Find them all as fast as you can for a high score.

played 9.388 times
Play The Walls - Part One
The Walls - Part One game free online

The Walls - Part One Game

Clear the walls to find the pass code that will get you to the next level. work to uncover the 3 digit code in each area and then enter it into the panel at the bottom right corner o...

played 3.812 times
Play The Walls - Part Two
The Walls - Part Two game free online

The Walls - Part Two Game HOT

A strange game of looking around on a wall and figuring out each puzzle code. Welcome to the walls part 2 There are a total of five levels. Each level contains or has hints leading t...

played 2.793 times
Play Where's Saddam
Where's Saddam game free online

Where's Saddam Game HOT

Help Blair and Bush find Saddam Hussein. Look for Sadaam hiding within each picture of people. Each successful discovery will earn you more money. If you complete the game you will r...

played 5.216 times
Play White Shirt Guy
White Shirt Guy game free online

White Shirt Guy Game

A nice little pixel game where you need to click all the guys wearing the white shirts.

played 3.190 times