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Hidden Object Games

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Play Find the Objects Art Gallery
Find the Objects Art Gallery game free online

Find the Objects Art Gallery Game

Locate items inside the gallery. Check the black forms on the left and find those items in the Art Gallery.

played 9.833 times
Play Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn game free online

Super Sneaky Spy Guy Autumn Game

Find all 100 crystals in the delightful autumn scenes. Help Sneaky find all 100 crystals that are hidden throughout the autumn scenes. Find them all as fast as you can for a high score.

played 9.384 times
Play Find the Objects Home
Find the Objects Home game free online

Find the Objects Home Game

Can you help find all the listed objects? They are all hidden in my home. Find objects fast for a good score! Find unique items in your house.

played 17.291 times
Play Escape To Obion 2 The Hidden Map
Escape To Obion 2 The Hidden Map game free online

Escape To Obion 2 The Hidden Map Game

After your discovery of the entrance to the tunnel that leads to one of Magnus Jones's hidden laboratories, a spy within your own ranks alerted Jones's crew and they have since fled....

played 8.960 times
Play Calbee Chips
Calbee Chips game free online

Calbee Chips Game

Crunch the calbees and find out where they are hiding. This girl just munches away like nobody's business and bits are flying all over the place. Help her clean up the place before s...

played 6.495 times
Play El Caracol Magnify
El Caracol Magnify game free online

El Caracol Magnify Game

Can you find each and every person? In the huge picture try to find the person that is shown in the top right. Can you find them all?

played 5.633 times
Play Jellybabies
Jellybabies game free online

Jellybabies Game

Zoom in or out and locate the small green yellow blue and red men that are in the background. Find all of the colorful jelly babies in the house before time runs out.

played 5.213 times
Play The Walls - Part One
The Walls - Part One game free online

The Walls - Part One Game

Clear the walls to find the pass code that will get you to the next level. work to uncover the 3 digit code in each area and then enter it into the panel at the bottom right corner o...

played 3.808 times
Play Find People
Find People game free online

Find People Game

Can your spot the selected person in the crowd? Once you will find them click left mouse button on the person to move to the next level.

played 14.553 times
Play Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt
Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt game free online

Soda Pop Girls Bottle Cap Hunt Game

Find the missing bottle caps. The Soda Pop Girls' pets hid 6 bottle caps in the Pet Shop, and we need them for the Soda Pop Factory! Can you help us find the bottle caps?

played 7.508 times
Play SSSG - Xmas Lights
SSSG - Xmas Lights game free online

SSSG - Xmas Lights Game

Hunt for crystals in the beautiful Christmas light photos. Help sneaky find all 100 crystals that have been lost. Each crystal looks like a snowflake. The faster you find them the mo...

played 6.378 times
Play Oh My Cake
Oh My Cake game free online

Oh My Cake Game

Some evil bugs have stolen your favorite cake and has scattered around the house. Find them before you run out of time! you've to find out all the bugs that have stolen your cake, be...

played 5.192 times
Play Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures
Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures game free online

Holly Hobbie Attic Treasures Game

Find trinkets hidden in Holly's room. Concentrate and focus to find the items. Some items are harder to find than the others but you'll find them if you look hard enough. Find the ob...

played 7.030 times