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Jigsaw Games

Fun to Play!

Play Hello There Puzzle
Hello There Puzzle game free online

Hello There Puzzle Game

Connect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle! Very interesting games with pieces in this puzzle game. Find and match these pieces as quick as possible to complete the picture.

played 2.395 times
Play Hulk Puzzle
Hulk Puzzle game free online

Hulk Puzzle Game HOT

Can you solve this puzzle of the Hulk? this puzzle has 48 pieces.

played 12.757 times
Play I Love Batman Jigsaw Puzzle
I Love Batman Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

I Love Batman Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

I Love Batman jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy!

played 11.259 times
Play I Love You Puzzle
I Love You Puzzle game free online

I Love You Puzzle Game HOT

Connect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle!

played 3.908 times
Play Indian Fruit Shop Jigsaw Puzzle
Indian Fruit Shop Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Indian Fruit Shop Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Solve this fun puzzle of an Indian Fruit Shop.

played 3.703 times
Play Jigsaw Boat Sunset
Jigsaw Boat Sunset game free online

Jigsaw Boat Sunset Game

A nice puzzle of a quite nice evening out on the open sea. You can play in a relaxed or challenging mode. It has many many pieces so it will keep you busy for hours!

played 3.950 times
Play Jigsaw Cola Truck
Jigsaw Cola Truck game free online

Jigsaw Cola Truck Game HOT

A fun jigsaw of a Cola truck, you can play this game in challenge or relaxed mode.

played 2.491 times
Play Jigsaw Of The Alps
Jigsaw Of The Alps game free online

Jigsaw Of The Alps Game HOT

Nice view over the alps. A really difficult jigsaw puzzle with many pieces, choose between two modes. Challenge or relaxed mode. This image is from Italy. I've always wanted to take...

played 3.460 times
Play Jigsaw Rustic Barn
Jigsaw Rustic Barn game free online

Jigsaw Rustic Barn Game HOT

Fix this puzzle with a picture of an old rusty barn.

played 2.671 times
Play Jigsaw The Messenger
Jigsaw The Messenger game free online

Jigsaw The Messenger Game

Use the mouse to move the pieces and create the picture.

played 4.021 times
Play Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle
Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

Great closeup jigsaw of Lady Bug, three levels of play including a challenging score level.

played 3.276 times
Play Lake McDonald Jigsaw Puzzle
Lake McDonald Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Lake McDonald Jigsaw Puzzle Game

A fun Lake McDonald Jigsaw Puzzle. Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. It is located at Flathead County in the U.S. state of Montana. Lake McDonald is approxi...

played 4.562 times
Play Lighthouse Puzzled Jigsaw
Lighthouse Puzzled Jigsaw game free online

Lighthouse Puzzled Jigsaw Game

Complete this nice puzzle of a blue ocean and light house with a cottage. Can you solve the jigsaw puzzle?

played 7.073 times