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Play Trap The Cat
Trap The Cat game free online

Trap The Cat Game

Outsmart and trap the cat in a series of circles. Try to encircle the cat without letting it escape. Start by clicking the light green circles to build a wall around this pesky feline.

played 26.726 times
Play Trapped
Trapped game free online

Trapped Game

Try to escape by finding keys, items, and solving puzzles. The higher the level the more difficult the it is.

played 2.017 times
Play Warehouse
Warehouse game free online

Warehouse Game HOT

You are in a warehouse full of different-height boxes. You start on the box marked with a black border and you must reach the exit E. Boxes are marked with a number that indicates...

played 2.847 times
Play Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle
Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle game free online

Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle Game HOT

Drag the tiles onto the honeycomb so that lines of the same color are connected. Connect as many lines as you can across the honeycomb to earn honey bee points and harvest honey with...

played 15.962 times
Play Xiang Qi Training
Xiang Qi Training game free online

Xiang Qi Training Game HOT

The rules of Chinese Chess differs slightly from the internationally recognized game of Chess, making it easy for anyone who know Chess to learn how to play Chinese Chess. Play chine...

played 11.398 times
Play Zinlock
Zinlock game free online

Zinlock Game

A very cool puzzle game. Line up the green blocks the same way as the preview image is showing.

played 3.450 times