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Logic Games

Are you good enough?

Play Baby Ball Puzzle
Baby Ball Puzzle game free online

Baby Ball Puzzle Game HOT

The Mision is put in the ball to the basket! That's it! But, be careful with the color. THE BALL AND THE BASKET MUST HAVE THE SAME COLOR. ONE BALL FOR ONE BASKET ONLY!! To play this...

played 4.690 times
Play Ball Puzzle Advanced
Ball Puzzle Advanced game free online

Ball Puzzle Advanced Game HOT

Get the red ball in the little green box.

played 5.641 times
Play Balloon Quest
Balloon Quest game free online

Balloon Quest Game

Fly your baloon high up in the sky and collect letters to spell words. This game is all about spelling. The word you're supposed to spell is displayed in the top right square.

played 14.703 times
Play Beauty And The Beast Mastermind
Beauty And The Beast Mastermind game free online

Beauty And The Beast Mastermind Game

Play the fun Beauty And The Beast Mastermind Game. You have to guess the right combination of Beauty and the Beast characters. You have 10 tries to guess the random order of the cha...

played 14.081 times
Play Black Fish Drag And Match
Black Fish Drag And Match game free online

Black Fish Drag And Match Game

A fun match up game where you need to drag a rectangle so that the four corners of the rectangle have same icons.

played 3.768 times
Play Blobs
Blobs game free online

Blobs Game

Jump over all of them. Remove all but one of the blobs from the board by jumping over them. New rendition of the classic Peg Solitaire using cute Blobs characters

played 5.233 times
Play Block Twister
Block Twister game free online

Block Twister Game

Select the number of blocks to vary the difficulty of the puzzle. The objective is to move all the blocks from the left brick to the right one. Click and drag to move a block. You ca...

played 2.799 times
Play Blox
Blox game free online

Blox Game

The goal is to remove all blox from the board to solve the puzzle and get to the next level. Click a blox then move mouse to drag it. Blox are pulled down by gravity and cannot be dr...

played 9.233 times
Play Blox Forever
Blox Forever game free online

Blox Forever Game

Challenging Blocks Game. Use your wits to match the blox. Drag the boxes to a like color and destory them. Alot like Tetris.

played 10.491 times
Play Bloxorz
Bloxorz game free online

Bloxorz Game HOT

Move the box in the hole. The aim or the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end or each stage. There are 33 stages to complete. Complete all the different s...

played 5.159 times
Play Blue
Blue game free online

Blue Game

Blue is an interesting new puzzle game where the goal is to strategically light up tiles using a hovering orb. I took an artistic approach to the game, utilizing a monochromatic blu...

played 3.328 times
Play Bomb A Bomb
Bomb A Bomb game free online

Bomb A Bomb Game

A colorful flash game in which you have to detonate enough bombs to make it to the next level. New bomb types will unlock are you progress through the levels. The flash game has over...

played 4.932 times
Play BridgeCraft
BridgeCraft game free online

BridgeCraft Game HOT

In a far away solar system, on a small planet much like our own, lived the Euwins - kind little creatures who enjoyed a peaceful existence... Then one day, out of nowhere, a massive...

played 10.861 times