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Logic Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Bulg
Bulg game free online

Bulg Game

Will you find 3 balls which have the same size than the rectangle ?

played 2.082 times
Play Castle of Cards
Castle of Cards game free online

Castle of Cards Game

Use strategy and the luck of the draw to build your own Castle of Cards! You can progress through exciting levels or just play for fun in practice mode. With five unique decks to cho...

played 1.934 times
Play Chicks Adventure
Chicks Adventure game free online

Chicks Adventure Game HOT

Guide the little chicks back to their home avoiding all the dangers, before the time runs out!

played 5.775 times
Play Chinese Checkers 2D
Chinese Checkers 2D game free online

Chinese Checkers 2D Game

Jump the pegs over each other on the board to remove them and get rid of all to win. This is a variation of the classic Chinese Checkers game. The objective of the game Is to clear a...

played 13.761 times
Play Click Drag Type 1
Click Drag Type 1 game free online

Click Drag Type 1 Game HOT

Click, drag and type your way toward the next puzzle.

played 6.111 times
Play Colorsok
Colorsok game free online

Colorsok Game HOT

Colorsok is a clone of a great java game called Socolor. Tiles of the same color need to be pushed all together. You can select or reset stage anytime or undo your moves.

played 3.253 times
Play Comboling Puzzle
Comboling Puzzle game free online

Comboling Puzzle Game

Try to link all the marked fields either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each marked field can only be linked once and one cannot jump over any marked fields. Connect all...

played 2.468 times
Play Connect It
Connect It game free online

Connect It Game HOT

A fun puzzle game with awesome mechanics. You have to connect the wires and you do so by placing rotators in the correct spots to make the machinery move. A nicely made puzzle game.

played 3.372 times
Play Conundrum 3D
Conundrum 3D game free online

Conundrum 3D Game HOT

Raise all 25 blocks aws fast as you can by simply clicking on them.

played 3.626 times
Play Cow Run IQ Marathon
Cow Run IQ Marathon game free online

Cow Run IQ Marathon Game HOT

This is a remarkably interesting puzzle game in which you have to move the cow to the target by placing the arrow keys on the board.

played 17.179 times
Play Crazy Boxes
Crazy Boxes game free online

Crazy Boxes Game

Very hard puzzle game. Can you turn the all of the blocks red? This game is like the Lights Out games

played 3.207 times
Play Cubilus
Cubilus game free online

Cubilus Game HOT

The objective is to place all the blocks to their corresponding shapes. The game gets quite difficult in later levels.

played 3.550 times
Play Cubitsu
Cubitsu game free online

Cubitsu Game

Form a row, column or diagonol of three stars by rotating the boxes but avoid forming lines of skulls. Align 3 stars either horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make them disapp...

played 3.081 times