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Logic Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Cute Animal Puzzle
Cute Animal Puzzle game free online

Cute Animal Puzzle Game HOT

Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Make sure to clear the board before the time runs out!~Pretty tricky puzzle game.

played 2.017 times
Play Cyber Mice Party
Cyber Mice Party game free online

Cyber Mice Party Game

Your aim is to rescue all the cybermice by showing them the way to the big cheese . You can lead your mice by putting obstacles in their way. But watch out! If you don't pay attentio...

played 5.669 times
Play D.N.A.
D.N.A. game free online

D.N.A. Game

D.N.A is about joining different colors together to cause chain reactions. Your goal is to make chains of 10 or larger that cause cells to burst. It's that simple. Can you connect th...

played 6.442 times
Play Dark Melt
Dark Melt game free online

Dark Melt Game HOT

Run and jump from ice sheet to ice sheet making them thinner and thinner. Break enough to level up. Being an Eskimo and living on Antarctica is fun, apart from those noisy penguins n...

played 6.880 times
Play Dessert Mania
Dessert Mania game free online

Dessert Mania Game HOT

Have you always wanted to get buried under a flood of desserts? Desserts quickly appear on the board; click a dessert and a box to move it to, making rows of 5 of the same to clear t...

played 9.578 times
Play Diamond Valley 2
Diamond Valley 2 game free online

Diamond Valley 2 Game HOT

Line up your diamonds and jewels to clear the unmovable blocks to proceed to the next level.

played 14.880 times
Play Domino Puzzle
Domino Puzzle game free online

Domino Puzzle Game

A simple game of dominos. The Goal is to put dominos in the hole area, and all juxtaposed numbers have to be identic. 3 modes of difficulty.

played 6.349 times
Play Egg Static
Egg Static game free online

Egg Static Game

You gotta hatch them all in this sweet logic puzzle game. Use your mouse to move eggs to the mechanical hatcher and click it twice to hatch the critters. In this game you need to...

played 3.058 times
Play Free Fall Puzzle
Free Fall Puzzle game free online

Free Fall Puzzle Game

The aim of this game is to remove all colored shapes from the board. Keep in mind that colored shapes are always subject to gravity first. The number of moves you can make in each le...

played 5.560 times
Play Full Board
Full Board game free online

Full Board Game HOT

Make your ball travel all the empty spaces on the board.

played 3.003 times
Play GoMad The Escape
GoMad The Escape game free online

GoMad The Escape Game HOT

You have to move the green cubes so you can move the red cubes out. Sounds easy. Easy like Sunday Morning!

played 2.570 times
Play Grid Shift
Grid Shift game free online

Grid Shift Game HOT

In this game you have to figure out where the ball will end up. Gets quite difficult. the ball stats in the upper left corner. The cards at the top ten you in what order the ball wil...

played 3.089 times
Play Ice Breaker Vikings
Ice Breaker Vikings game free online

Ice Breaker Vikings Game HOT

Help the frozen vikings get back to their longboat by slicing through the ice! Get all the Vikings to their ship to complete each level!

played 36.446 times