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Logic Games

Fun to Play!

Play Simple Light Up
Simple Light Up game free online

Simple Light Up Game

Each puzzle has one unique and logical solution for you to find, no guessing needed! Place light bulbs (circles) according to the following rules: Light bulbs are permitted to p...

played 4.001 times
Play Skid Puzzle
Skid Puzzle game free online

Skid Puzzle Game HOT

Start from the S and move horizontally and vertically through grid. Visit each square exactly once, move according the number you clicked.

played 2.597 times
Play Sloyd Cube
Sloyd Cube game free online

Sloyd Cube Game HOT

Kind of like rubik's cube only different. Get the dots into the appropriate place!

played 2.582 times
Play Sokolan
Sokolan game free online

Sokolan Game HOT

Sokolan is a puzzle game, click the question mark to read the instructions. It looks like Plinx but it plays different with the help of a "friendly" tile. Click undo to undo a move,...

played 3.752 times
Play Spy Puzzle
Spy Puzzle game free online

Spy Puzzle Game HOT

Spy is a simple but addictive little game, you start in a random position. You can click only the box next to you (up, down, left, right or diagonal). The steps you will move depends...

played 3.931 times
Play Square
Square game free online

Square Game

This is a puzzle based on Erich Friedman's Square Puzzle. Fill the grid with squares according the numbers below and at the right. Turn all lights green to complete the puzzle, 7 l...

played 3.699 times
Play StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age
StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age game free online

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age Game

StoneAge Sam is back in a cool new Ice Age adventure! In this second installment he may be a little older but our man Sam is still none the wiser ((evolution doesn't happen overnight...

played 4.673 times
Play Tangram 32
Tangram 32 game free online

Tangram 32 Game

Tangram is an ancient Chinese game-puzzle. There are 7 figures (named tans). It is necessary to collect the specified image. There are 32 levels in the game: 1-8 (images of peopl...

played 7.947 times
Play Tents
Tents game free online

Tents Game

Tents is a puzzle you can find in several places on the web. Locate the tents in the grid. Each tree is connected to exactly one tent, found in a horizontally or vertically adjacent...

played 6.568 times
Play The Batman Thief Locator
The Batman Thief Locator game free online

The Batman Thief Locator Game HOT

Havoc is being spread in Gotham city by a bunch of villains. Batman needs to track them down using the thief locator.

played 8.084 times
Play The Dark Room
The Dark Room game free online

The Dark Room Game

A cube puzzle. Puzzle your way out of the original hi-tech Pandora's Box, escape the Dark Room in this brilliant point and click game.

played 6.170 times
Play Tilox
Tilox game free online

Tilox Game

Guide a bright little orb through a dangerous pathway in the dark Space and avoid falling down.

played 2.870 times
Play Tilt Maze
Tilt Maze game free online

Tilt Maze Game

Simply made yet challenging puzzle game. Move the red ball with the arrow keys and get it to the blue square. Press control to reset the level.

played 7.022 times