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Logic Games

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Play Arcade Lines Deluxe
Arcade Lines Deluxe game free online

Arcade Lines Deluxe Game

Click/drag balls of the same color so that 5 line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make a line. Click a marble then its destination - anywhere on the board that it has a...

played 155.999 times
Play Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirates Attacks!
Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirates Attacks! game free online

Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost... Game HOT

Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. Horror on the High Seas: Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirate Attacks Help Scooby and Shaggy get to th...

played 106.465 times
Play Minefield
Minefield game free online

Minefield Game

The classic game of minesweeper, remade Terry Style. Find all the mines, but don't click on them! The purpose of the game is to open all the cells of the board which do not contain a...

played 59.660 times
Play Animal River Crossing
Animal River Crossing game free online

Animal River Crossing Game

Cross the animals to the other bank!!!

played 43.025 times
Play Mumu
Mumu game free online

Mumu Game

A fun puzzle games where you have to place blocks and match the colors. Don't get stuck!

played 38.518 times
Play Ice Breaker Vikings
Ice Breaker Vikings game free online

Ice Breaker Vikings Game HOT

Help the frozen vikings get back to their longboat by slicing through the ice! Get all the Vikings to their ship to complete each level!

played 37.279 times
Play Trap The Cat
Trap The Cat game free online

Trap The Cat Game

Outsmart and trap the cat in a series of circles. Try to encircle the cat without letting it escape. Start by clicking the light green circles to build a wall around this pesky feline.

played 27.144 times
Play Marvin The Martian Land Grab
Marvin The Martian Land Grab game free online

Marvin The Martian Land Grab Game

Race around the land and block Daffy Duck in with the smoke from your hovercraft. Grab as much land as you can without dieing! I claim this planet in the name of Mars! Isn't that lov...

played 26.011 times
Play Kim Possible Code Breaker
Kim Possible Code Breaker game free online

Kim Possible Code Breaker Game HOT

It's the grand final of the international cheer-leading competition. But a rival team led by the extreme reality TV stunt woman, Adrena-Lynn, have hidden Explosive Pom-Poms in a desp...

played 22.711 times
Play Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark game free online

Noah's Ark Game HOT

As a rescue boat operator to save all animals. Press the first blue button to play. Balance the weight for the boat not to sink. Rescue as much animals as you can before the time run...

played 18.021 times
Play Cow Run IQ Marathon
Cow Run IQ Marathon game free online

Cow Run IQ Marathon Game HOT

This is a remarkably interesting puzzle game in which you have to move the cow to the target by placing the arrow keys on the board.

played 17.179 times
Play Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle
Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle game free online

Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Puzzle Game HOT

Drag the tiles onto the honeycomb so that lines of the same color are connected. Connect as many lines as you can across the honeycomb to earn honey bee points and harvest honey with...

played 16.095 times
Play Diamond Valley 2
Diamond Valley 2 game free online

Diamond Valley 2 Game HOT

Line up your diamonds and jewels to clear the unmovable blocks to proceed to the next level.

played 15.050 times