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Logic Games

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Play Atomic Mine sweeper
Atomic Mine sweeper game free online

Atomic Mine sweeper Game HOT

Click on the bulbs and mirrors to locate the whereabouts of the atoms. Minesweeper type variation game. The box is divided into a certain number of blocks. Each of these blocks can c...

played 7.706 times
Play Click Drag Type 1
Click Drag Type 1 game free online

Click Drag Type 1 Game HOT

Click, drag and type your way toward the next puzzle.

played 5.688 times
Play Chicks Adventure
Chicks Adventure game free online

Chicks Adventure Game HOT

Guide the little chicks back to their home avoiding all the dangers, before the time runs out!

played 5.403 times
Play Little Newton Says
Little Newton Says game free online

Little Newton Says Game HOT

Follow Little Newtons directions to conform to these questions almost Shapes, Colors and Numbers. Three levels of fun! Just do as the little newton says...

played 5.030 times
Play Kirby Puzzle Adventures
Kirby Puzzle Adventures game free online

Kirby Puzzle Adventures Game HOT

Kirby is trapped in the magical world. In order to help Kirby get out of this place you will need to show him the way. Help Kirby find a way out! Place arrows on the board and colle...

played 3.703 times
Play Cubilus
Cubilus game free online

Cubilus Game HOT

The objective is to place all the blocks to their corresponding shapes. The game gets quite difficult in later levels.

played 3.396 times
Play MMG Trapdoorer
MMG Trapdoorer game free online

MMG Trapdoorer Game HOT

MMG: Trapdoorer is a really limited ratiocination brave (created from the first in 10 hours) featuring less than dozen of levels. Your end in view is to slope all tiles and reach the...

played 3.306 times
Play Grid Shift
Grid Shift game free online

Grid Shift Game HOT

In this game you have to figure out where the ball will end up. Gets quite difficult. the ball stats in the upper left corner. The cards at the top ten you in what order the ball wil...

played 3.041 times
Play RPS Blockade
RPS Blockade game free online

RPS Blockade Game HOT

Switch adjacent rock paper scissor tiles to blow up opposing tiles. Use the Rock, Paper, Scissor formula to make blocks disappear.

played 2.780 times
Play Cute Animal Puzzle
Cute Animal Puzzle game free online

Cute Animal Puzzle Game HOT

Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Make sure to clear the board before the time runs out!~Pretty tricky puzzle game.

played 1.966 times
Play Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirates Attacks!
Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirates Attacks! game free online

Scooby Doo - Episode 1 - The Ghost... Game HOT

Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. Horror on the High Seas: Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirate Attacks Help Scooby and Shaggy get to th...

played 105.517 times
Play Ice Breaker Vikings
Ice Breaker Vikings game free online

Ice Breaker Vikings Game HOT

Help the frozen vikings get back to their longboat by slicing through the ice! Get all the Vikings to their ship to complete each level!

played 35.769 times
Play Kim Possible Code Breaker
Kim Possible Code Breaker game free online

Kim Possible Code Breaker Game HOT

It's the grand final of the international cheer-leading competition. But a rival team led by the extreme reality TV stunt woman, Adrena-Lynn, have hidden Explosive Pom-Poms in a desp...

played 22.066 times