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Logic Games

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Play Chinese Checkers 2D
Chinese Checkers 2D game free online

Chinese Checkers 2D Game

Jump the pegs over each other on the board to remove them and get rid of all to win. This is a variation of the classic Chinese Checkers game. The objective of the game Is to clear a...

played 13.601 times
Play Q Puzzle
Q Puzzle game free online

Q Puzzle Game

Push the coloured marbles into their corresponding holes. Drag a coloured marble in the direction you wish to push it. There are 22 levels available.

played 12.853 times
Play Another Smart Stick Adventure 1
Another Smart Stick Adventure 1 game free online

Another Smart Stick Adventure 1 Game

The first stick man adventure game.

played 12.645 times
Play 3D Logic
3D Logic game free online

3D Logic Game

Cubic puzzler. Link every pair of like-colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking...

played 12.027 times
Play Africa Map
Africa Map game free online

Africa Map Game

Put the countries in the Africa map puzzle.

played 10.501 times
Play Rush Hour Road Rage
Rush Hour Road Rage game free online

Rush Hour Road Rage Game

Your ultimate goal is to help the yellow car make its way out by moving other vehicles blocking its way. Have fun! Can you park the traffic in the least moves?

played 9.440 times
Play Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider game free online

Itsy Bitsy Spider Game

Itsy bitsy spider is a web game in every sense of the word. Try to ensnare insects and avoid the wasps and beetles to make the largest and prettiest web of them all.

played 8.990 times
Play Ratsuk
Ratsuk game free online

Ratsuk Game

Using knight's moves from chess, you must heat the computer You can move only once in each square Less moves - hotter score If you can't move, you lose.

played 8.088 times
Play Tangram 32
Tangram 32 game free online

Tangram 32 Game

Tangram is an ancient Chinese game-puzzle. There are 7 figures (named tans). It is necessary to collect the specified image. There are 32 levels in the game: 1-8 (images of peopl...

played 7.985 times
Play Occupation Site
Occupation Site game free online

Occupation Site Game

In Japan, this game is called Go and uses little rocks. Now you can play in the 21st century, with tiny dudes! Take as much real estate as you can from the green-capped dudes. This g...

played 7.724 times
Play Red Bugs Puzzle
Red Bugs Puzzle game free online

Red Bugs Puzzle Game

This very nice and fun game is to create the path for the red bugs to eat all the raspberries. Beware of the beetles! They eat red bugs and raspberries. Help the bug to get through v...

played 6.856 times
Play D.N.A.
D.N.A. game free online

D.N.A. Game

D.N.A is about joining different colors together to cause chain reactions. Your goal is to make chains of 10 or larger that cause cells to burst. It's that simple. Can you connect th...

played 6.510 times
Play Mario Escape
Mario Escape game free online

Mario Escape Game

A classic intelligence test featuring Mario and the gang. Use your logic to finish the game.

played 6.317 times