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Logic Games

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Play The Dark Room
The Dark Room game free online

The Dark Room Game

A cube puzzle. Puzzle your way out of the original hi-tech Pandora's Box, escape the Dark Room in this brilliant point and click game.

played 6.224 times
Play StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age
StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age game free online

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age Game

StoneAge Sam is back in a cool new Ice Age adventure! In this second installment he may be a little older but our man Sam is still none the wiser ((evolution doesn't happen overnight...

played 4.741 times
Play Acrofrog
Acrofrog game free online

Acrofrog Game

Play, make, and share puzzles! Play as a frog and remove lily pads. Jump off the lily pads to remove them.

played 4.129 times
Play Simple Light Up
Simple Light Up game free online

Simple Light Up Game

Each puzzle has one unique and logical solution for you to find, no guessing needed! Place light bulbs (circles) according to the following rules: Light bulbs are permitted to p...

played 4.043 times
Play Aarrown
Aarrown game free online

Aarrown Game

Fire Arrows at various objects to interact with them, to get to the end.

played 3.836 times
Play AllOut
AllOut game free online

AllOut Game

Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as possible. With 50 different boards to choose from, ALLOUT is a devilish game indeed, and it will mos...

played 3.721 times
Play Tilox
Tilox game free online

Tilox Game

Guide a bright little orb through a dangerous pathway in the dark Space and avoid falling down.

played 2.904 times
Play Animal River Crossing
Animal River Crossing game free online

Animal River Crossing Game

Cross the animals to the other bank!!!

played 42.892 times
Play Blox Forever
Blox Forever game free online

Blox Forever Game

Challenging Blocks Game. Use your wits to match the blox. Drag the boxes to a like color and destory them. Alot like Tetris.

played 10.297 times
Play Pharaoh's Treasure
Pharaoh's Treasure game free online

Pharaoh's Treasure Game

You are an Egyptian explorer and you are looking for Pharaoh's lost treasure. You believe it is a secret room in one of the Pyramids. But Pharaoh has blocked the passage to the riche...

played 10.111 times
Play Rat Trap
Rat Trap game free online

Rat Trap Game

Catch the filthy rodents before they eat all your cheese. Move the walls to trap the rat before they take the cheese and run.

played 7.057 times
Play Tents
Tents game free online

Tents Game

Tents is a puzzle you can find in several places on the web. Locate the tents in the grid. Each tree is connected to exactly one tent, found in a horizontally or vertically adjacent...

played 6.612 times
Play Blobs
Blobs game free online

Blobs Game

Jump over all of them. Remove all but one of the blobs from the board by jumping over them. New rendition of the classic Peg Solitaire using cute Blobs characters

played 5.157 times