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Logic Games

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Play Black Fish Drag And Match
Black Fish Drag And Match game free online

Black Fish Drag And Match Game

A fun match up game where you need to drag a rectangle so that the four corners of the rectangle have same icons.

played 3.730 times
Play Net
Net game free online

Net Game

Net, the game for the mind. By turning blocks with wires and devices, connect all devices to the electricity. No block should be left without power.

played 6.531 times
Play Square
Square game free online

Square Game

This is a puzzle based on Erich Friedman's Square Puzzle. Fill the grid with squares according the numbers below and at the right. Turn all lights green to complete the puzzle, 7 l...

played 3.738 times
Play Panda Tactical Sniper
Panda Tactical Sniper game free online

Panda Tactical Sniper Game

A sniping game with a logic puzzle theme. Panda may look cute and cuddly but he's really a ruthless gangster capable of ripping a man's head off with one swipe of his paw. Or so he l...

played 5.022 times
Play Minefield Of Death
Minefield Of Death game free online

Minefield Of Death Game

Oh, no. Somehow, you've landed in the Mine Field of Death. How to get out? Well, you could fall to your knees and pray for Divine Guidance. Or you can try and find the right combinat...

played 4.584 times
Play Blue
Blue game free online

Blue Game

Blue is an interesting new puzzle game where the goal is to strategically light up tiles using a hovering orb. I took an artistic approach to the game, utilizing a monochromatic blu...

played 3.282 times
Play Comboling Puzzle
Comboling Puzzle game free online

Comboling Puzzle Game

Try to link all the marked fields either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each marked field can only be linked once and one cannot jump over any marked fields. Connect all...

played 2.428 times
Play Cyber Mice Party
Cyber Mice Party game free online

Cyber Mice Party Game

Your aim is to rescue all the cybermice by showing them the way to the big cheese . You can lead your mice by putting obstacles in their way. But watch out! If you don't pay attentio...

played 5.766 times
Play Orientation
Orientation game free online

Orientation Game

The orientation maze (O-maze) is a tricky style of multi-state arrow maze. Choices are dictated by your orientation and the symbols you can see directly ahead. The symbols in the m...

played 5.353 times
Play Bomb A Bomb
Bomb A Bomb game free online

Bomb A Bomb Game

A colorful flash game in which you have to detonate enough bombs to make it to the next level. New bomb types will unlock are you progress through the levels. The flash game has over...

played 4.841 times
Play Mud Fort Bugs
Mud Fort Bugs game free online

Mud Fort Bugs Game

Lead the bugs to reach the mud fort. Drag the block with the mouse and make it hit the first bug.

played 4.429 times
Play Zinlock
Zinlock game free online

Zinlock Game

A very cool puzzle game. Line up the green blocks the same way as the preview image is showing.

played 3.448 times
Play Particlz
Particlz game free online

Particlz Game

Manipulate objects to push the particle into the collector. Your goal is to place Each of the particles into a collector. A white collector can accept any particle, while a colored c...

played 3.320 times