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RPS Blockade game

Play RPS Blockade free online now. Switch adjacent rock paper scissor tiles to blow up opposing tiles. Use the Rock, Paper, Scissor formula to make blocks... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.873 times
RPS Blockade game info

Click here to play RPS Blockade a Flash game.

RPS Blockade Game
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RPS Blockade Online Game

RPS Blockade Game Description

Switch adjacent rock paper scissor tiles to blow up opposing tiles. Use the Rock, Paper, Scissor formula to make blocks disappear.

RPS Blockade Game Instructions

Before you can begin, you must first know the basic rules of rock, paper, scicors.

In rock, paper, scisors there are 3 hand gestures, each symbolic of an element. Each element can beat one element, and be beaten by another.

Rock breaks scrissors.
Paper covers Rock.
Scissors cut paper.

while rock, paper, scicors traditionalle has 3 elements, RPS Blockade has 4 basic tile types.
rock, paper, scicors tiles all interact with each other, while glass tiles act as obstacles.

The life bar tells you how much time you have left before your game will end.

Playing the game is easy, simply click on any tile, then click on any adjecent tile to make them swap places.
If you slide a tile against an element that it can beat, the beaten tile will explode and you will earn points.

Play the RPS Blockade Game Free online at GamesLoon!

RPS Blockade Game Screenshot

RPS Blockade Game
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Game name: RPS Blockade
Played: 2.873 times
Category: Puzzle games » Logic games
Author: Psycho Goldfish Creative Media

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