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Silversphere game

Play Silversphere free online now. Roll the silver sphere around. Move crates to pass over the water. Do you have what it takes to win? The aim of the play... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 10.268 times
Silversphere game info

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Silversphere Game
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Silversphere Online Game

Silversphere Game Description

Roll the silver sphere around. Move crates to pass over the water. Do you have what it takes to win? The aim of the player is to enter the blue vortex in each level, you can do this by rolling on top of the vortex.

Silversphere Game Instructions

Use the arrow keys ro control the silversphere...

The aim of the game is to enter rhe blue vortex in each level.
Do this by rolling on top of the vortex.

Stay on the land - if you fall in the water you will lose 500 points and have to restart the level. The gold spheres explode on impact with anything, so don't run into them.

You can push boxes around to clear paths and build bridges, but only one box can be pushed at a time.

There are also ice cubes in some levels. These will slide until they fall in the water or collide with a solid object.

The claws are not dangerous, but require a box to be loaded in them. Once all the claws are loaded, the vortex will appear.

The blue claws will not work unless they are loaded with an ice cube.

Finally, there is a time limit counting down at the bottom of the screen.
Run out of time and the silversphere will explode, you will lose 500 points, and the level will restart.

Play the Silversphere Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Silversphere Game Screenshot

Silversphere Game
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Game name: Silversphere
Played: 10.268 times
Category: Puzzle games » Logic games
Author: Miniclip

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