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Maze Games

Are you good enough?

Play Bomber Pazzle
Bomber Pazzle game free online

Bomber Pazzle Game HOT

Lead the fire to bomb trough the paths solving the puzzle. Slide pieces and make a road so the fire can continue to the end tile.

played 3.971 times
Play Butterfly Maze
Butterfly Maze game free online

Butterfly Maze Game

Help the butterfly reach the flowers.

played 6.273 times
Play Captain Adventure Man
Captain Adventure Man game free online

Captain Adventure Man Game HOT

A puzzle game in which you explore a vast cave in order to collect a variety of treasures and items. The different items will give you special abilities or bonuses but you have to hu...

played 2.884 times
Play ClickRoach
ClickRoach game free online

ClickRoach Game

Nobody likes getting smashed, including this disgusting roach. Try to see it his way: he only wants to eat your garbage and lay eggs in your sock drawer. Stay inside the lines; stay...

played 3.476 times
Play Dedal
Dedal game free online

Dedal Game

Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and enter the next level. Run through the puzzle and get to the end before the computer gets there.

played 2.573 times
Play Don't Touch The Sides
Don't Touch The Sides game free online

Don't Touch The Sides Game

Move your mouse through the maze. But, don't touch the sides or you lose!

played 18.386 times
Play Dottie
Dottie game free online

Dottie Game

Drag the dot trough the maze and from level to level. The objective of this game is drag the dot into the hole with your mouse.

played 5.668 times
Play Double Maze
Double Maze game free online

Double Maze Game HOT

the double mazes are tough, make a wrong move and one of your balls fall into the black holes.

played 2.555 times
Play Dukateers Scurvy Scavenger
Dukateers Scurvy Scavenger game free online

Dukateers Scurvy Scavenger Game HOT

All alone on Skull Island, captain LeFop begins to loose his teeth. Before his precious hair starts to fall out, he will need to eat fruit in order to avoid catching scurvy. At night...

played 11.647 times
Play Fall Down 2
Fall Down 2 game free online

Fall Down 2 Game HOT

Looks all so innocent and easy but wait and see... The object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. So think quick and move fast.

played 6.890 times
Play Find The Pirate Treasure
Find The Pirate Treasure game free online

Find The Pirate Treasure Game HOT

O-Ranger, is a world traveler and his favorite hobby is finding a pirate treasure! He does not have a map so it is a little difficult. Can you help him and show the way to the treasu...

played 13.492 times
Play Fish Maze Game
Fish Maze Game game free online

Fish Maze Game Game

Guide the little fish to reach it's mother in this underwater maze.

played 3.970 times
Play Flash Maz
Flash Maz game free online

Flash Maz Game HOT

FlashMaz is a tilt maze flash game. Play by clicking on arrows with the mouse. The aim is to find the exit of the labyrinth with the less moves as possible. Sometimes you should be b...

played 3.382 times