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Maze Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Ghost Castle
Ghost Castle game free online

Ghost Castle Game

Little Emily lost in old castle with ghosts. Help her to solve all puzzles and find way out to the mom. Get the cute little girl through all the dungeons of the Ghost Castle in this...

played 7.479 times
Play Harry Potter Lego The Marauder's Map
Harry Potter Lego The Marauder's Map game free online

Harry Potter Lego The Marauder's Map Game

Guide Harry Potter through the map, find the Pieces to finish the structure and collect the maximum coins within the time limit. If you get caught three times the game is over. Make...

played 48.827 times
Play Harry The Hamster
Harry The Hamster game free online

Harry The Hamster Game HOT

Can you help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home through 5 levels past the hungry cat? Harry can even fly through the air using special pieces on later levels, but mak...

played 10.513 times
Play Hope's Babysitting Maze
Hope's Babysitting Maze game free online

Hope's Babysitting Maze Game

Ready for some Babysitting adventures? Keep the Baby happy! This lovely girl wants to become a babysitter. However she has not experience on it. So could you kindly give support to h...

played 7.751 times
Play Konnectors
Konnectors game free online

Konnectors Game HOT

A bus has to arrive to it destination but there is no road. Build the road from start to the end. Build a road to connect location A with location B, while working on a tight schedule.

played 3.961 times
Play LabRat Quest for Cheese
LabRat Quest for Cheese game free online

LabRat Quest for Cheese Game HOT

Guide the lab rat through the maze and try to find the cheese use space bar to see the entire maze to help navigate around, try and find the cheese in all forty levels, the levels ge...

played 2.693 times
Play Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Feast
Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Feast game free online

Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Feast Game HOT

Yummi Cookies! Help little red riding hood to collect enough cookies for the feast and find her way through the cookie maze! But watch out for the big mean wolf. Gameplay is a little...

played 6.368 times
Play Major Slant
Major Slant game free online

Major Slant Game

Slant the board to navigate your ball to the end of the path. You are given 4000 paints to start the game, the more time you take the less your final score will be.

played 5.109 times
Play Marble Game Labyrinth
Marble Game Labyrinth game free online

Marble Game Labyrinth Game

Guide the ball to the exit deviating from that of black holes.

played 13.867 times
Play Marble Mayhem
Marble Mayhem game free online

Marble Mayhem Game HOT

Control the ball in this 3d stage. Collect the letters to gain an extra bonus and arrive to the exit before the time ends. The aim of the game is to collect each of the letters th...

played 5.080 times
Play Maze Game - Game Play 2
Maze Game - Game Play 2 game free online

Maze Game - Game Play 2 Game

Guide the blind man to his house, watch out for that hole!

played 2.821 times
Play Maze Game - Game Play 8
Maze Game - Game Play 8 game free online

Maze Game - Game Play 8 Game

Help the Pirate to navigate through the maze to get to the treasure. Collect objects in the path that will help you to get the treasure.

played 4.457 times
Play Maze Game 1  Find The Chicken
Maze Game 1  Find The Chicken game free online

Maze Game 1 Find The Chicken Game

Can you help the hen to find this little chicken? Guide her safely trough the maze

played 5.668 times