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Maze Games

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Play 12 Days Of Christmas
12 Days Of Christmas game free online

12 Days Of Christmas Game

Deliver The Gifts in time for Christmas! Use your mouse to help Santa find his way through the maze-like structures left behind by the snow storm. Guide Santa carefully as he might g...

played 37.891 times
Play Marble Game Labyrinth
Marble Game Labyrinth game free online

Marble Game Labyrinth Game

Guide the ball to the exit deviating from that of black holes.

played 13.952 times
Play Railway Tycoon 3
Railway Tycoon 3 game free online

Railway Tycoon 3 Game

In Railway Line you need to build a railtrack from pieces available to get the train to the station. Try not to take too long as it may cause a train crash!. Connect the railroads be...

played 12.473 times
Play Robot Maze
Robot Maze game free online

Robot Maze Game

Walk around this cool maze with your Robot. Find out way out of the maze. The door opens with a key. Hammers can break walls.

played 11.194 times
Play Adorninho Against The Tsunami
Adorninho Against The Tsunami game free online

Adorninho Against The Tsunami Game

Help Adorninho to escape from the terrible menace of tsunami! In its newest adventure, Adorninho is most competitive than ever, with many levels full of challenges and tricks. Let's...

played 10.557 times
Play aMaze
aMaze game free online

aMaze Game

Every second counts... a multi level maze game. Draw a line as fast as you can, taking the shortest route. The shorter the line, and the faster you are, the higher you'll get up the...

played 10.486 times
Play Sneaky Thief Adventure
Sneaky Thief Adventure game free online

Sneaky Thief Adventure Game

This is a tough game of maze. You have to sneak into the castle and steal treasures. Move through each level avoiding monsters and enemies while you grab keys and go through other do...

played 8.069 times
Play Acid Labyrinth
Acid Labyrinth game free online

Acid Labyrinth Game

Go around in different mazes avoiding different obstacles and finding your way out quickly to get on to the next level. Move around the maze and avoid getting into traps.

played 7.643 times
Play Ghost Castle
Ghost Castle game free online

Ghost Castle Game

Little Emily lost in old castle with ghosts. Help her to solve all puzzles and find way out to the mom. Get the cute little girl through all the dungeons of the Ghost Castle in this...

played 7.545 times
Play Butterfly Maze
Butterfly Maze game free online

Butterfly Maze Game

Help the butterfly reach the flowers.

played 6.621 times
Play Maze Game 1  Find The Chicken
Maze Game 1  Find The Chicken game free online

Maze Game 1 Find The Chicken Game

Can you help the hen to find this little chicken? Guide her safely trough the maze

played 5.710 times
Play Bomb Sweeper
Bomb Sweeper game free online

Bomb Sweeper Game

This game is like a minesweeper version from a brids point of view. Sweep those mines, do not walk on them.

played 5.685 times
Play Apple Maze
Apple Maze game free online

Apple Maze Game

Guide the apple to the basket.

played 4.516 times