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Maze Games

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Play Maze Game 7 Cars
Maze Game 7 Cars game free online

Maze Game 7 Cars Game

Park your car perfectly by using the correct way.

played 9.628 times
Play Ben 10 Maze
Ben 10 Maze game free online

Ben 10 Maze Game

Can you solve this Ben 10 puzzle maze?

played 8.960 times
Play Dottie
Dottie game free online

Dottie Game

Drag the dot trough the maze and from level to level. The objective of this game is drag the dot into the hole with your mouse.

played 5.964 times
Play Maze Game - Game Play 8
Maze Game - Game Play 8 game free online

Maze Game - Game Play 8 Game

Help the Pirate to navigate through the maze to get to the treasure. Collect objects in the path that will help you to get the treasure.

played 4.495 times
Play Fish Maze Game
Fish Maze Game game free online

Fish Maze Game Game

Guide the little fish to reach it's mother in this underwater maze.

played 4.102 times
Play Don't Touch The Sides
Don't Touch The Sides game free online

Don't Touch The Sides Game

Move your mouse through the maze. But, don't touch the sides or you lose!

played 19.344 times
Play Alice Mazes
Alice Mazes game free online

Alice Mazes Game

You must make a series of moves that will take you to the goal.

played 9.801 times
Play Tilt Maze
Tilt Maze game free online

Tilt Maze Game

Simply made yet challenging puzzle game. Move the red ball with the arrow keys and get it to the blue square. Press control to reset the level.

played 7.025 times
Play Maze Game 4 Penguins
Maze Game 4 Penguins game free online

Maze Game 4 Penguins Game

Help the penguin chick to reach his mother.

played 5.473 times
Play Maze Game Play 6 Dogs
Maze Game Play 6 Dogs game free online

Maze Game Play 6 Dogs Game

Can you help the boy get trough the maze to find his dog?

played 5.240 times
Play Major Slant
Major Slant game free online

Major Slant Game

Slant the board to navigate your ball to the end of the path. You are given 4000 paints to start the game, the more time you take the less your final score will be.

played 5.178 times
Play A Quizmaze Demo
A Quizmaze Demo game free online

A Quizmaze Demo Game

A Game filled with Questions and convolutions's. Demo version

played 4.270 times
Play Dedal
Dedal game free online

Dedal Game

Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and enter the next level. Run through the puzzle and get to the end before the computer gets there.

played 2.695 times