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Maze Games

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Play Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad game free online

Bomb Squad Game

Help Smartie Pants of the bomb squad unit to save the city. You are Chief Inspector Smartie Pants of the Anti-Bomb unit. For years now. you have kept the city safe of bombs. Except t...

played 5.751 times
Play Rabbit & Kangaroo Maze
Rabbit & Kangaroo Maze game free online

Rabbit & Kangaroo Maze Game

Guide the Rabbit to reach its friend Kangaroo.

played 3.217 times
Play Maze Game - Game Play 2
Maze Game - Game Play 2 game free online

Maze Game - Game Play 2 Game

Guide the blind man to his house, watch out for that hole!

played 2.839 times
Play The Squirrel Family In The Labrynth
The Squirrel Family In The Labrynth game free online

The Squirrel Family In The Labrynth Game

Fly around, flip a level, and go through the level up passage without hitting walls.

played 5.758 times
Play Sarvik
Sarvik game free online

Sarvik Game

15 diamonds are hidden in Ihe dungeons. Only Sarvik is not afraid to go in dark and dangerous dungeons for diamonds.

played 3.392 times
Play Providence
Providence game free online

Providence Game

Escape from a 3D maze! Centuries ago, on a far away land, a cruel prince planed to build a huge jail on a lost island, in order to get rid of his opponents. The most powerful...

played 2.860 times