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Providence game

Play Providence free online now. Escape from a 3D maze! Centuries ago, on a far away land, a cruel prince planed to build a huge jail on a lost islan... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.832 times
Providence game info

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Providence Online Game

Providence Game Description

Escape from a 3D maze!

Centuries ago, on a far away land, a cruel prince planed to build a huge jail on a lost island, in order to get rid of his opponents.

The most powerful warlocks worked on the project, but did not agree with the architectural aspect of the future Providence.

They eventually decided to build it as a maze with plenty of tiny rooms, and created a magical gate, the Spiral, to enter it. Then the warlocks placed the portal at the very bottom of a deep pit.

To access the maze was easy, but nobody never found the way to exit it.

If a trespasser was crazy enough to venture too close to the pit, he would hear voices... whispering... that the Providence is living.

The aim of the game is to exit the maze reaching the corner where the sound comes from. The closer you are, the louder the sound is. The exit corner location rerolls with every new game.

Providence Game Instructions

Use your mouse to play Providence.

You have been imprisoned inside, and want to recover your freedom.
New line in order to help you reach the exit corner, you own a tri-color token which grows stronger as you get closer to it. Each color matches for an axis of the maze:

Saphir: West-East
Emerald: South-North
Ruby: Downstairs-Upstairs

Rooms are entirely random.
Good luck!

While playing, press "t" to change quality settings

IMPORTANT: All pictures and graphics (walls, etc..) used to make this game we're drawn from scratch.

Novices: refer to hints while playing for the first time.

L - Light a candle
H - Use a medicine
P - Use some ghost powder
M - Show the map

Play the Providence Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Providence Screenshot

Providence Game
Puzzle Online Game info
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Game name: Providence
Played: 2.832 times
Category: Puzzle games » Maze games
Author: Frozijunkie

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