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Trapped 5 game

Play Trapped 5 free online now. Travel through rooms, destroy enemies using detonator bombs and pick up coins. Find your way around... Read more

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Played: 3.626 times
Trapped 5 game info

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Trapped 5 Online Game

Trapped 5 Game Description

Travel through rooms, destroy enemies using detonator bombs and pick up coins. Find your way around the maze.

Trapped 5 Game Instructions

By pressing the 'arrow' keys move around and search the rooms. To kill enemies: press '2' to set the bomb and then press t again to detonate it Collect coins, keys, and items to help you find your way out Press 'm' to view the menu and 'm' again to close it While viewing the menu press left or right to view submenus. Press 'a' when facing doors to check them or on tap of blue ground buttons.

Move, Navigate - arrows
Action, Check - a
Show/Hide Menu, Pause - m
Toggle Options - space
Set/Detonate Bomb - z

Most enemies appear randomly.
Don't rush into a room. You never know what lies ahead.
Everything pretty much happens for a reason Take notes of things.
Life packs always stay where they were left unless you pick it up. So, use them in moderation and take note of where they are.

Go out of a room and then back in to have enemies appear in a different place.
If you get "trapped" between a couple of enemies and/or a wall and enemies then you have to keep using the bomb to escape, although it hurts you too.
Blue ground buttons do random things. For some puzzles they will reset where things are and where you are. Press 'a' on them.

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Trapped 5 Game
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Game name: Trapped 5
Played: 3.626 times
Category: Puzzle games » Maze games
Author: Unknown

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