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Number Games

Play 12 Many Count The Stars
12 Many Count The Stars game free online

12 Many Count The Stars Game

How many stars shine in the sky? Now you can count them. Answer exactly correct and stars are added to your score. Make mistake by 1 star, you don't earn score, but you also don't lo...

played 13.099 times
Play 15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle game free online

15 Puzzle Game

Classic 15 puzzle sliding tiles game. Arrange the numbers from 1-15 by clicking the puzzle tiles and sliding them around.

played 32.657 times
Play 24 Puzzle
24 Puzzle game free online

24 Puzzle Game

A 3D puzzle game. Align the 24 numbers in order from 1-24 in this 3D puzzle.

played 11.167 times
Play 60 second sequence
60 second sequence game free online

60 second sequence Game

Click in the icons in secuencial order, complete the 5 leves before the 60 seconds.

played 13.263 times
Play Add Like Mad
Add Like Mad game free online

Add Like Mad Game

Don't play this game if you hate mathematics - you have to Add Like Mad in this game!

played 9.809 times
Play ArithmeTick
ArithmeTick game free online

ArithmeTick Game HOT

How fast can you add and multiply? Solve math problems against the clock!

played 5.414 times
Play Armor Picross
Armor Picross game free online

Armor Picross Game

A Fun Puzzle game that originated in Japan. Over one hour of puzzle game play.

played 7.641 times
Play Armor Picross 2
Armor Picross 2 game free online

Armor Picross 2 Game HOT

Draw the pictures with blocks as the numbers give hints to how many blocks in each row and column.

played 8.974 times
Play Ben 10 Addition
Ben 10 Addition game free online

Ben 10 Addition Game

Click on the alien with the correct answer to the equation. Ben 10 Addition game, a fun ben 10 math game. Math will never be boring again with this online game. Your idol Ben 10 will...

played 19.051 times
Play Click to Vina
Click to Vina game free online

Click to Vina Game

A fun number game. Click over the counters in numerical order until you make them all dissapear. You have a limit time, if you miss the match is over.

played 7.450 times
Play Da Vinci Code Art Thief
Da Vinci Code Art Thief game free online

Da Vinci Code Art Thief Game

By day you are a corporate raider, and by night you are the most feared art thief in the world, the ''Specter''. Your newest weapon is a highly advanced electronic alarm-sniffer that...

played 9.363 times
Play DNA
DNA game free online

DNA Game

Connect the DNA nodes to make a strand before time runs outFlash Game Instruction: Starting at the pulsing star, use you mouse to connect the balls to complete the DNA sequence befor...

played 4.970 times
Play Find The Numbers - Challenge  10
Find The Numbers - Challenge  10 game free online

Find The Numbers - Challenge 10 Game

The 10th Challenge of the number finding game serries. Can you find all the hidden numbers in the garage? Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in va...

played 8.304 times