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Physics Games

Top 5 Games

Play Rainbow Roller 2
Rainbow Roller 2 game free online

Rainbow Roller 2 Game HOT

The draw game Rainbow Roller is not a graphical masterpiece but quite funny and also challenging. Use your mouse to move your ball and to draw bridges. This is the second adventure o...

played 8.255 times
Play Random Gravity
Random Gravity game free online

Random Gravity Game

Control the ball in random gravity for as long as you can. Try to keep the ball from hitting the sides.

played 2.962 times
Play Rufus & Mr.Orange
Rufus & Mr.Orange game free online

Rufus & Mr.Orange Game

Shoot and dodge the enemies. Click as fast as you can!.

played 3.110 times
Play SamePhysics
SamePhysics game free online

SamePhysics Game HOT

Click groups of the same colored blocks. Instead of dropping regularly they drop with physics. find out how to score bonus points. When you think you are out of moves, Shake! Featuri...

played 5.038 times
Play Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Scooby Doo Snack Machine game free online

Scooby Doo Snack Machine Game HOT

Scooby is hungry! Get the Scooby Snacks in Scooby Doo's mouth! Click on the gears or conveyor belts to guild the treats to Scoobies mouth.

played 8.765 times
Play Scramball
Scramball game free online

Scramball Game HOT

Scram, rattle, and roll into this maze of ball rolling bliss. Race against the clock and complete all 20 levels for a stellar score. Enter into four Scramball worlds containing five...

played 1.993 times
Play Shape Escape Extended
Shape Escape Extended game free online

Shape Escape Extended Game

In Shape Escape Extended, you must guide your ball to the golden exit of each level. Guided by the laws of physics, you must make creative and treacherous decisions to be victorious!...

played 2.625 times
Play Shape Shape!
Shape Shape! game free online

Shape Shape! Game

Help Shape Shape find his family by guiding him through fifty levels of amazing adventure. Navigate risky pits of spikes, moving platforms, gravity pits, and more! Shape Shape is rea...

played 4.687 times
Play Skunk Blaster
Skunk Blaster game free online

Skunk Blaster Game HOT

Skunk Blaster is funny chain reaction game involving some skill and some luck! Time your skunk farting just right so that multiple skunks fart at the same time.

played 9.128 times
Play Sky Wire
Sky Wire game free online

Sky Wire Game HOT

Drive the cable car through colorful but dangerous levels. Use arrow up and down to move, dodge all enemies and get your passengers to the exits safely. Guide the streetcar to the ot...

played 4.050 times
Play Snake Ball
Snake Ball game free online

Snake Ball Game HOT

Slither around and gather up balls as you pull them into the hole with your snake body.

played 4.840 times
Play Spider Web
Spider Web game free online

Spider Web Game HOT

Very addicted spider catch a bug game. Catch some yummy bugs with your spiderweb and avoid flying bees in this extremely infantile collecting game.

played 6.741 times
Play Stop Train!
Stop Train! game free online

Stop Train! Game

Stop a runaway train with the strongest tool in your arsenal: physics. A train has started rolling down hill without brakes and is headed straight towards a building filled with cute...

played 6.701 times