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Physics Games

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Play Happy Pill
Happy Pill game free online

Happy Pill Game HOT

Why should only doctors spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down! But avoid taking too much or it will be over-dozed. Hit the sad faces with t...

played 5.896 times
Play Ben 10 Super Pilot
Ben 10 Super Pilot game free online

Ben 10 Super Pilot Game HOT

Can you guide Ben 10 safely in this great Ben 10 platform game? The aim of the game is to guide Ben 10 to the end of each world. Control his rockets to jump from platform to platform...

played 5.205 times
Play Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition
Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition game free online

Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition Game HOT

Welcome to the special edition of Pinguin DropZone Xmass! Pick up your pinguin with your mouse and place it on the exact points in the field to claim the points you need to proceed t...

played 4.073 times
Play Sky Wire
Sky Wire game free online

Sky Wire Game HOT

Drive the cable car through colorful but dangerous levels. Use arrow up and down to move, dodge all enemies and get your passengers to the exits safely. Guide the streetcar to the ot...

played 4.050 times
Play Monkey Jump
Monkey Jump game free online

Monkey Jump Game HOT

Jump out as far as you can to reach the Golden Banana. COllect fruits while jumping to add more scores but be careful not to fall or run out of time!

played 4.032 times
Play BioLabs Outbreak
BioLabs Outbreak game free online

BioLabs Outbreak Game HOT

Stop the virus from spreading by using the antidote. The outbreak is bad and it must be stopped! Trap the outbreak by dispensing antidote cells to confine their movement, they will f...

played 3.636 times
Play Amberial Axis
Amberial Axis game free online

Amberial Axis Game HOT

Amberial Axis is a physics based platform game where you must navigate a ball to the end of the level. 45 Levels. When you thought you had conquered everything, Amberial Axis comes a...

played 3.600 times
Play Bomber Blastic
Bomber Blastic game free online

Bomber Blastic Game HOT

The fantastic Bomber Blastic. Test your skills and master the art of explosions. Complete 50 levels and defeat 5 Bomb Bosses! Ignite the bombs to create explosive chain reactions....

played 3.109 times
Play BubbleQuod
BubbleQuod game free online

BubbleQuod Game HOT

Because of numerous life dangers you had to create a bubble and settle in it. The bubble made you invulnerable, granted safety and peace... However, very soon it became a prison......

played 2.940 times
Play X-Raye
X-Raye game free online

X-Raye Game HOT

Swing from post to post and turn the peg in this puzzle game. Guide Raye through all 14 levels turning as many pegs as you can.

played 2.401 times
Play Scramball
Scramball game free online

Scramball Game HOT

Scram, rattle, and roll into this maze of ball rolling bliss. Race against the clock and complete all 20 levels for a stellar score. Enter into four Scramball worlds containing five...

played 1.993 times
Play PaintBall Draw
PaintBall Draw game free online

PaintBall Draw Game HOT

Draw the lines to route the ball to bounce into the red box. Draw a path so that the red dot gets to the end. Then press space to start the ball. Press R to reset the ball and C to r...

played 14.062 times
Play Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish game free online

Jelly Fish Game HOT

The aim of Jellyfish is to collect all the fish in the water and avoid the bad objects like boots and buckets. You have 30 seconds to complete each level, if you are happy with what...

played 12.847 times