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Puzzle Games

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Play Hello Kitty Matching Pairs
Hello Kitty Matching Pairs game free online

Hello Kitty Matching Pairs Game

A very cute Hello Kitty Memory game! Can you match up all the picture pairs, and how fast can you clear all the Hello Kitty Cards?

played 18.674 times
Play Steppenwolf - Chapter 1 - Episode 2 - Mokele Mbembe
Steppenwolf - Chapter 1 - Episode 2 - Mokele Mbembe game free online

Steppenwolf - Chapter 1 - Episode 2... Game HOT

You awaken in a tribal village. Derek your assistant is nowhere to be found. To escape, you must sneak tribal guards and activate highly advanced wooden machinery! To explore all the...

played 18.663 times
Play Ben 10 - Cavern Run
Ben 10 - Cavern Run game free online

Ben 10 - Cavern Run Game HOT

In this draw game you may help the little Benjamin Tennyson through the caverns. Help Ben Ten collect items and get across the obstacles. Draw quick before Ben 10 starts running. Dra...

played 18.547 times
Play Bloomin' Gardens
Bloomin' Gardens game free online

Bloomin' Gardens Game HOT

Help your garden bloom! This is one of the classic puzzle games with great new graphics. Get 5 flowers of the same kind to be in the same row/column to clear it from garden. Time to...

played 18.500 times
Play Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 6)
Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 6) game free online

Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The S... Game

Episode 6 of the stone circle mystery. Ophelia, Gregor and Prescott will meet at the hotel to discuss the situation and try to understand where they can be hidden the missing parts o...

played 18.470 times
Play Bricks Breaking
Bricks Breaking game free online

Bricks Breaking Game HOT

Destroy all the bricks by clicking them in groups of the same colour. There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to t...

played 18.268 times
Play Spiderman Memory
Spiderman Memory game free online

Spiderman Memory Game HOT

Spiderman memory match game. Can you match all the cards in the fastest time?

played 18.190 times
Play Idiot Test 6
Idiot Test 6 game free online

Idiot Test 6 Game

The latest and greatest installment of the Idiot Test game series.

played 18.123 times
Play GI Joe Dynamite Memory
GI Joe Dynamite Memory game free online

GI Joe Dynamite Memory Game HOT

You are enlisted into the elite military unit known as GI Joe. Your mission is to deactivate the bomb before it explodes by finding all the matching pairs before time runs out. Joe C...

played 18.089 times
Play Animal - Find The Differences
Animal - Find The Differences game free online

Animal - Find The Differences Game

The goal of this game is to spot all of the differences as quickly as possible in all the pictures of animals. The faster you find them all the higher the time bonus you get at the e...

played 18.082 times
Play Connect 1001
Connect 1001 game free online

Connect 1001 Game

Connect matching icons and clear the grid! This is a very cool version of a match-up game. You have to connect them matching icons and clear the whole grid. You can only connect a...

played 18.061 times
Play Hidden Mickey Hunt
Hidden Mickey Hunt game free online

Hidden Mickey Hunt Game

Can you find all the hidden Mickey's? Silhouettes of Mickey's head are hidden in each stage. When you click on a Hidden Mickey, the number of Hidden Mickeys at the top of the board g...

played 18.018 times
Play 10 Gnomes - 5: The Shipyard
10 Gnomes - 5: The Shipyard game free online

10 Gnomes - 5: The Shipyard Game

Find the 10 gnomes that are hidden in the large shipyard. Zoom in for a closer look. And again you'll have to find all the 10 gnomes, this time they have chosen an old shipyard to hi...

played 18.005 times