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Puzzle Games

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Play Spiderman 2 - Web of Words
Spiderman 2 - Web of Words game free online

Spiderman 2 - Web of Words Game HOT

Help Spiderman keep the city safe from Doc Ock by spelling words to climb buildings. Spidey will climb higher if you have spelled more words and thus preventing Doc Ock from attackin...

played 30.978 times
Play Santa's Chimney Trouble
Santa's Chimney Trouble game free online

Santa's Chimney Trouble Game HOT

It's Christmas time and Santa is about to bring presents, but oh gosh! Your fireplace is a fake and is not connected to the chimney you must fix it before it's too late. You have to...

played 30.243 times
Play House Of Mouse Mouse Match
House Of Mouse Mouse Match game free online

House Of Mouse Mouse Match Game HOT

Make the Mickey Mouse silhouettes disappear by clicking on groups of two or more that are the same color! The Mickey Meter will build up as the silhouettes disappear. Make eight or m...

played 29.533 times
Play Brick Break
Brick Break game free online

Brick Break Game

Brick Break is a game of strategy and not a test of speed or quick thinking. The object of Brick Break is to remove all colored stone bricks from the game field to proceed to next le...

played 29.392 times
Play Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 2)
Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle (Episode 2) game free online

Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The S... Game

Episode 2 of the mystery! Ophelia The concert was a success and great satisfaction, but the stress of the evening extended his extra-sensory powers, making it much more sensitive to...

played 29.282 times
Play Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter game free online

Bubble Shooter Game HOT

The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field. Knock off bubbles by making lines of three or more of the same colour using the bubble shooter to fire them. Another game like Pop & D...

played 28.817 times
Play Darkness Episode 2
Darkness Episode 2 game free online

Darkness Episode 2 Game

Horror point-and-click adventure game. Solve the puzzle by collecting all the hints! You woke up in a hospital when it is closed and you have to figure out a way to escape.

played 28.811 times
Play Christmas Balls
Christmas Balls game free online

Christmas Balls Game

Destroy Christmas ornaments by creating lines of 3 or more Christmas ornaments of the same kind.

played 28.456 times
Play Dora The Eplorer At The Beach Jigsaw Puzzle
Dora The Eplorer At The Beach Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Dora The Eplorer At The Beach Jigsa... Game HOT

Look at the fun Dora The Eplorer Puzzle! can you help fix it? This Dora puzzle has 25 pieces. Come play!

played 28.321 times
Play City Under Siege
City Under Siege game free online

City Under Siege Game HOT

Defend your base from the oncoming tanks by destroying all the of them in this fun tank defense game. Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect command center. You have 3 lives....

played 27.657 times
Play Around The World In 80 Days
Around The World In 80 Days game free online

Around The World In 80 Days Game HOT

Travel in time to the 19th century and have a great adventure! A great puzzle game of sliding pieces in another Bejeweled like game. Many levels. Travel back in time to the late 1...

played 27.555 times
Play Crystal Connect
Crystal Connect game free online

Crystal Connect Game HOT

Connect two pieces together that have an open path to each other. Start with ones next to each other.

played 26.981 times
Play Trap The Cat
Trap The Cat game free online

Trap The Cat Game

Outsmart and trap the cat in a series of circles. Try to encircle the cat without letting it escape. Start by clicking the light green circles to build a wall around this pesky feline.

played 26.461 times