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Puzzle Games

Play Emu's Mess-Terpiece
Emu's Mess-Terpiece game free online

Emu's Mess-Terpiece Game HOT

Emu's favorite toys are missing! turn the flat upside down to find them. But be quick! Sophie is looking fort hem too, and if she finds them before you do, they'll be gone forever!

game plays: 3.165
Play Goofy Gopher
Goofy Gopher game free online

Goofy Gopher Game HOT

Match all the flowers before the sun sets or Goofy Gopher will eat your flower patch! Do be careful! Pick the flower Goofy is hiding under and he'll rearrange your garden...

game plays: 3.154
Play Sleeping Mickey Sort My Tiles
Sleeping Mickey Sort My Tiles game free online

Sleeping Mickey Sort My Tiles Game HOT

Play the Sort my Tiles Sleeping Micky and place the correct tiles to create the picture of Sleeping Micky.

game plays: 3.147
Play Bloons Insanity Pack
Bloons Insanity Pack game free online

Bloons Insanity Pack Game HOT

Think you're good at Bloons? Think again. This pack contains 50 of the hardest, meanest, most brutally insane Bloons levels ever devised by man or monkey.

game plays: 3.125
Play Ben 10 Cool Jigsaw Puzzle
Ben 10 Cool Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Ben 10 Cool Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

A cool Ben 10 jigsaw puzzle you need to solve! Drag and drop the pieces to complete the Ben 10 puzzle.

game plays: 3.124
Play Hungry Hungry Mario
Hungry Hungry Mario game free online

Hungry Hungry Mario Game HOT

Jump around as Mario on the platforms pick up the dots but don't fall off. The main goal in the game is to collect all the green circles as fast as possible. Every second you waste y...

game plays: 3.114
Play Ben 10 And The Other Heroes Jigsaw
Ben 10 And The Other Heroes Jigsaw game free online

Ben 10 And The Other Heroes Jigsaw Game HOT

A cool jigsaw puzzle of Ben 10 And The Other Heroes. This puzzle has a total of 49 pieces.

game plays: 3.103
Play Pearl Hunt
Pearl Hunt game free online

Pearl Hunt Game HOT

Get the pearls to the bottom of the screen and try to avoid some obstacles. Get 10 pearls through the maze before time runs out.

game plays: 3.102
Play Jigsaw Boat Sunset
Jigsaw Boat Sunset game free online

Jigsaw Boat Sunset Game HOT

A nice puzzle of a quite nice evening out on the open sea. You can play in a relaxed or challenging mode. It has many many pieces so it will keep you busy for hours!

game plays: 3.099
Play Caveman in Prehistoric
Caveman in Prehistoric game free online

Caveman in Prehistoric Game HOT

You live in the prehistoric time. Beat all the furball creatures by jumping against the stones beneath them. Play as a prehistoric caveman with a big club! Help Caveman get back in h...

game plays: 3.083
Play Ben 10 Alien Puzzle
Ben 10 Alien Puzzle game free online

Ben 10 Alien Puzzle Game HOT

Cool a Ben 10 Alien puzzle! Can you fix all the pieces of this Ben 10 puzzle together again?

game plays: 3.075
Play Andrew The Droid
Andrew The Droid game free online

Andrew The Droid Game HOT

Guide Andrew the Droid through 25 levels in three different worlds, solve puzzles and gain new amazing skills.

game plays: 3.053
Play Artifission RPG Chapter 1
Artifission RPG Chapter 1 game free online

Artifission RPG Chapter 1 Game HOT

Investigate an incident in the cold arctic to retrieve xd143 with cargo. I hope you dont have to go anywhere. This RPG game could take up to an hour to beat! Explore the world and go...

game plays: 3.046