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Puzzle Games

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Play Phantom Mansion 5 - The Blue Ballroom
Phantom Mansion 5 - The Blue Ballroom game free online

Phantom Mansion 5 - The Blue Ballroom Game HOT

Take the Blue door that leads to the Blue Ballroom. More phantom mansion... Hector needs your help now more than ever.

played 4.961 times
Play Gardenmaster
Gardenmaster game free online

Gardenmaster Game HOT

This game is a bit like tetris but different in a couple of ways. You have to make horizontal or vertical lines to clear the flowerfield! But this time you can place the blocks anywh...

played 4.920 times
Play Ultimate Sonic Quiz
Ultimate Sonic Quiz game free online

Ultimate Sonic Quiz Game HOT

Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik.

played 4.916 times
Play Red Devil RPG 2
Red Devil RPG 2 game free online

Red Devil RPG 2 Game HOT

A strange ship has crash landed on a house, you go towards it and you begin to investigate. Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies.

played 4.907 times
Play Snowy Puzzle Islands
Snowy Puzzle Islands game free online

Snowy Puzzle Islands Game HOT

New brain-teaser game stuffed with challenging levels, fascinating game objects and featuring, who else, Snowy the Little Bear!!! Actually, in Snowy: Puzzle Islands you'll have pl...

played 4.904 times
Play Tomb of Doom
Tomb of Doom game free online

Tomb of Doom Game HOT

Gather all the clues to escape the Tomb of Doom. Adventure / RPG game where you use your inventory to overcome environment obsticales.

played 4.902 times
Play Mr. Snoozleberg 1 The Inauguration
Mr. Snoozleberg 1 The Inauguration game free online

Mr. Snoozleberg 1 The Inauguration Game HOT

Mr. Snoozleberg, the famous diplomat, will inaugurate the super-fast Euroliner train tomorrow. Click on objects to help Mr. Snoozleburg stay asleep as he sleepwalks. Dont let him wak...

played 4.864 times
Play Phantom Mansion 2 - The Orange Library
Phantom Mansion 2 - The Orange Library game free online

Phantom Mansion 2 - The Orange Library Game HOT

Take the orange door to The Orange Library. Make your way through the mansion grabbing items and unlocking more doors. Dont miss any keys.

played 4.864 times
Play Puzzle land
Puzzle land game free online

Puzzle land Game HOT

A really funny interactive adventure game similar to Hapland - Help James Mahoggany defeat his arch rival Gregory!

played 4.860 times
Play Sue Dating Machine
Sue Dating Machine game free online

Sue Dating Machine Game HOT

Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline! Link Sue and friends to the cute guys at the other side of the screen. Rotate the pipes in a way that link all of the pink...

played 4.855 times
Play Where's Saddam
Where's Saddam game free online

Where's Saddam Game HOT

Help Blair and Bush find Saddam Hussein. Look for Sadaam hiding within each picture of people. Each successful discovery will earn you more money. If you complete the game you will r...

played 4.833 times
Play Escape Room Zalougame
Escape Room Zalougame game free online

Escape Room Zalougame Game HOT

Really fun point and click room escape game, go through the room looking for keys and objects to help you escape. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search around...

played 4.824 times
Play Ben 10 Alien Puzzle
Ben 10 Alien Puzzle game free online

Ben 10 Alien Puzzle Game HOT

Cool a Ben 10 Alien puzzle! Can you fix all the pieces of this Ben 10 puzzle together again?

played 4.819 times