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Puzzle Games

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Play The Great Basement Escape
The Great Basement Escape game free online

The Great Basement Escape Game HOT

Time once again to plan your escape. This time from the basement. A funny escape game. Click on the objects of the garage and gather everything that you need to escape.

played 4.315 times
Play Photobox Land
Photobox Land game free online

Photobox Land Game HOT

Help the people of Photoboxland get to where they want to go! Place arrows by clicking and dragging your mouse in the direction you want to go in. Click and drag again to change dire...

played 4.308 times
Play One Off
One Off game free online

One Off Game HOT

Your locked inside garage find a way to get out and test drive your bike. The highest goal of true motorcycle lovers is to obtain a truly unique, custom-made vehicle. But even with t...

played 4.302 times
Play The Village Escape Part 2 Rescuing People
The Village Escape Part 2 Rescuing People game free online

The Village Escape Part 2 Rescuing... Game HOT

A village is affected by heavy flood resulting in the death of many people. At the end, some of the people are washed away into the forest. Unexpectedly, you are one among them, an...

played 4.115 times
Play Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike
Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike game free online

Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike Game HOT

As the stealthy and resourceful Sneak Thief, your mission is to steal the five secret inventions of Professor Bellamy! In this, the second installment of the series, Sneak Thief has...

played 4.113 times
Play Bomber Pazzle
Bomber Pazzle game free online

Bomber Pazzle Game HOT

Lead the fire to bomb trough the paths solving the puzzle. Slide pieces and make a road so the fire can continue to the end tile.

played 4.098 times
Play Green And Black
Green And Black game free online

Green And Black Game HOT

A collection of several small games with green/black graphics. Play a number of games, flip tiles over, drive and crash, shoot UFOs and more.

played 3.999 times
Play Jacomo's Backyard Madness
Jacomo's Backyard Madness game free online

Jacomo's Backyard Madness Game HOT

In this adventure Jacomo must fight for his food. Run and jump to get to the delicious apples and worms. The neighbourhood dog is always very annoying, so watch out for the scary bit...

played 3.936 times
Play Escape The Room 2
Escape The Room 2 game free online

Escape The Room 2 Game HOT

Seems you got yourself locked up in another room again. You know the drill, find those items and escape the room! To be honest, this one is rather easy...

played 3.896 times
Play Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble
Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble game free online

Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble Game HOT

The third episode in the series. Search, Collect steal and escape. The titular thief finds himself in some kind of underground lair with a number of code pads and a safe. Thieves are...

played 3.892 times
Play Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition
Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition game free online

Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition Game HOT

Welcome to the special edition of Pinguin DropZone Xmass! Pick up your pinguin with your mouse and place it on the exact points in the field to claim the points you need to proceed t...

played 3.881 times
Play Quarda
Quarda game free online

Quarda Game HOT

Try to assemble all small squares of the same color in vertical lines. Do that by rotating squares inside box in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. We think puzzle solvers will...

played 3.861 times
Play Hunga Hatch
Hunga Hatch game free online

Hunga Hatch Game HOT

Click the dinosaurs of the same color to make their blocks disappear.

played 3.855 times