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Puzzle Games

Play Sue Dating Machine
Sue Dating Machine game free online

Sue Dating Machine Game HOT

Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline! Link Sue and friends to the cute guys at the other side of the screen. Rotate the pipes in a way that link all of the pink...

played 2.628 times
Play Cool Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle
Cool Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Cool Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

A cool Ben 10 puzzle with 3 modes, easy, medium and hard. Can you put the pieces back together?

played 2.622 times
Play Escape 1
Escape 1 game free online

Escape 1 Game HOT

Can you escape from the island?

played 2.597 times
Play Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle
Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Lady Bug Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

Great closeup jigsaw of Lady Bug, three levels of play including a challenging score level.

played 2.593 times
Play One Off
One Off game free online

One Off Game HOT

Your locked inside garage find a way to get out and test drive your bike. The highest goal of true motorcycle lovers is to obtain a truly unique, custom-made vehicle. But even with t...

played 2.550 times
Play Orbox
Orbox game free online

Orbox Game HOT

Find a way to reach the red square to finish each level! Move the box to the exit. Use the blocks to stop yourself. This is an arcade game where you have to get the snake into a box...

played 2.543 times
Play Sokolan
Sokolan game free online

Sokolan Game HOT

Sokolan is a puzzle game, click the question mark to read the instructions. It looks like Plinx but it plays different with the help of a "friendly" tile. Click undo to undo a move,...

played 2.536 times
Play The Great Basement Escape
The Great Basement Escape game free online

The Great Basement Escape Game HOT

Time once again to plan your escape. This time from the basement. A funny escape game. Click on the objects of the garage and gather everything that you need to escape.

played 2.504 times
Play Green And Black
Green And Black game free online

Green And Black Game HOT

A collection of several small games with green/black graphics. Play a number of games, flip tiles over, drive and crash, shoot UFOs and more.

played 2.491 times
Play The Quest For The Rest
The Quest For The Rest game free online

The Quest For The Rest Game HOT

Point and click adventure game about a band called 'The Polyphonic Spree'. Help three band members get back to the rest of the group by discovering ways to solve the obstacles in the...

played 2.490 times
Play Jacomo's Backyard Madness
Jacomo's Backyard Madness game free online

Jacomo's Backyard Madness Game HOT

In this adventure Jacomo must fight for his food. Run and jump to get to the delicious apples and worms. The neighbourhood dog is always very annoying, so watch out for the scary bit...

played 2.465 times
Play Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition
Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition game free online

Pinguin Dropzone - The Xmas Edition Game HOT

Welcome to the special edition of Pinguin DropZone Xmass! Pick up your pinguin with your mouse and place it on the exact points in the field to claim the points you need to proceed t...

played 2.418 times
Play Enter to the House
Enter to the House game free online

Enter to the House Game HOT

Help him if you want. Someone lost their keys and they want to enter the house. Will you help him?

played 2.382 times