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Sokoban Games

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Play Sokoban Folie
Sokoban Folie game free online

Sokoban Folie Game

When you have finished a level, you receive a code. Keep it to begin the game the next time at the last level you have played.

played 8.882 times
Play Fill Up
Fill Up game free online

Fill Up Game

Move the stars bubbles to the star locations. A good challenging flash puzzle game with a nice graphics!

played 7.920 times
Play Monkey Sokoban
Monkey Sokoban game free online

Monkey Sokoban Game

Help the monkey move all the bananas in the baskets. Flash version of the classic Sokoban game with 15 levels.

played 6.052 times
Play Monkey Metric
Monkey Metric game free online

Monkey Metric Game

High in the treetops of this world, live a family of monkeys. Their peace is threatened' by a volcano eruption!. The bravest of the monkeys, sets out to try and stop it... A family o...

played 5.362 times
Play Isometric Sokoban
Isometric Sokoban game free online

Isometric Sokoban Game

Sokoban is a puzzle game where you must push boxes onto set squares. You can only push one box at a time, and you cannot pull, so be careful not to get then trapped! There are 52 lev...

played 10.829 times
Play Sokoban Island
Sokoban Island game free online

Sokoban Island Game

Henry has managed to get himself stuck on a remote group of islands and he needs your help to get off them! On each island, Henry has found a series of boxes but they've all been mix...

played 7.295 times