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Car & Sports Car Games

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Play Bump My Ride
Bump My Ride game free online

Bump My Ride Game

till now, love was all about running around trees and prancing around in sunflower fields. Now it's time to get the show on the road! Drive around in the lane of love and pick up as...

played 7.492 times
Play VXR Racer
VXR Racer game free online

VXR Racer Game HOT

Race around a small track and try to win. Are you a VXR Pro?! Take your seat in one of the racing cars and test your driver skills. Race Vauxhall's top-end VXR models. You can challe...

played 7.330 times
Play Highway Speed Racer
Highway Speed Racer game free online

Highway Speed Racer Game

Go around the speeding highway as long as you can. Drive your car down the autobarn, see how long you can survive. VERY simple But VERY HARD.

played 7.290 times
Play Brekky Races
Brekky Races game free online

Brekky Races Game HOT

Race around dodging the food in your small car on the food table. Race around the Breakfast table as quickly as you can and avoid all the obstacles. Get around the Breakfast table as...

played 7.080 times
Play Ben 10 Race In Istanbul Park
Ben 10 Race In Istanbul Park game free online

Ben 10 Race In Istanbul Park Game HOT

Take your place in the race with races in Istanbul Ben 10. Very comfortable to use Ben 10 car.

played 6.494 times
Play Test Drive
Test Drive game free online

Test Drive Game

Drive your 4x4 through the platforms. Jump, fly, activate the catapults and avoid the spines. Pick up golden bonuses.

played 6.276 times
Play Jeepney On The Road
Jeepney On The Road game free online

Jeepney On The Road Game HOT

Jeepney, king of the road, avoid bumping into vehicles and obstacles, collect fuel to keep going, great game!

played 6.266 times
Play Wanted
Wanted game free online

Wanted Game HOT

The Official Wanted Movie Game! Take on heists and assassins in this gas-powered car chasing flash game! Wanted tells the story of 25-year-old Wes (James McAvoy), the most disaffecte...

played 6.187 times
Play Killer Cars 2
Killer Cars 2 game free online

Killer Cars 2 Game HOT

Use your car to drve around the football field and kill unsuspecting players. Get to the required number of points before time runs out!

played 5.991 times
Play Beetle Buggin
Beetle Buggin game free online

Beetle Buggin Game HOT

Start at the loading zone and drive around the course as fast as possible. Pick up the sheets of HP Paper by driving through them and head back to the loading zone in the shortest ti...

played 5.800 times
Play The Fast And Furious Street Racer
The Fast And Furious Street Racer game free online

The Fast And Furious Street Racer Game HOT

Drive carefully and always be the first one! Go for a time attack and find out how good are you when it comes to taking control a machine. Race Down the Street in Cross the Finish Li...

played 5.692 times
Play Car Thief
Car Thief game free online

Car Thief Game HOT

You have stolen an expensive car. You are passing through the highway full of vehicles with tight security. Cops are after you. Drive to the other end of the highway to save yourself...

played 5.503 times
Play Scooby Doo Highway Smash
Scooby Doo Highway Smash game free online

Scooby Doo Highway Smash Game HOT

Help Scooby drive the Mystery Machine through the highway and avoiding collision with the other cars.

played 5.480 times