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Car & Sports Car Games

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Play Car Thief
Car Thief game free online

Car Thief Game HOT

You have stolen an expensive car. You are passing through the highway full of vehicles with tight security. Cops are after you. Drive to the other end of the highway to save yourself...

played 5.373 times
Play Scooby Doo Highway Smash
Scooby Doo Highway Smash game free online

Scooby Doo Highway Smash Game HOT

Help Scooby drive the Mystery Machine through the highway and avoiding collision with the other cars.

played 5.314 times
Play Tuscani Speed Shot
Tuscani Speed Shot game free online

Tuscani Speed Shot Game HOT

Drive a fast Hyundai coupé car and avoid the obstacles while trying to collect the artifacts. You have several difficulty levels.

played 4.234 times
Play Deady Race
Deady Race game free online

Deady Race Game HOT

Night, speed, the roar of the engine? Can you win in this race to the death? Race down the street knocking cars over and blowing them up, and shooting them with rockets.

played 4.121 times
Play South Park Alien Chase
South Park Alien Chase game free online

South Park Alien Chase Game HOT

Grey aliens in local cop caps are chasing the boys! Help chef drive the station wagon to bring the children to safety. A police car escapes full with aliens. Chase and shoot them. G...

played 29.990 times
Play Need For Speed Underground
Need For Speed Underground game free online

Need For Speed Underground Game HOT

A simple racing game. Can you handle your gears? How fast can you finish the 1/4 mile? Race 1/4 of a mile as fast as you can shifting at just the right time.

played 17.288 times
Play Batman - The Chase
Batman - The Chase game free online

Batman - The Chase Game HOT

This is one of the series of Batman games. In this game Joker is driving his car and littering Gotham city with Joker cards. You must stop Joker bumping him with your Batmobile. Coll...

played 14.080 times
Play Drag Racer V3
Drag Racer V3 game free online

Drag Racer V3 Game HOT

Drag race like a underground street racer! Drag race other cars, modify your car, buy parts, change internal and external look.

played 10.643 times
Play Bratz Kidz Racing Stars
Bratz Kidz Racing Stars game free online

Bratz Kidz Racing Stars Game HOT

Come to play interesting racing game with graceful little Bratz! Much fun! Hope you do a good job and enjoy it! Wanna be a racing super star? Here we have a great online multi-player...

played 10.210 times
Play Drag Racer V2
Drag Racer V2 game free online

Drag Racer V2 Game HOT

Shift into gear and floor the pedal as you dragrace against the computer tune up your car modify engine. This is the the final version of drag racer, featuring over 60 cars including...

played 9.305 times
Play Halloween Ride
Halloween Ride game free online

Halloween Ride Game HOT

Collect all the potion on your way to increase your points, beware to the hungry monsters and bloods on the road. Heap up all the potation on your by the by to multiplication your po...

played 8.951 times
Play Polly Party Pickup
Polly Party Pickup game free online

Polly Party Pickup Game HOT

Help Polly pick up friends for her birthday party at the mall. Watch the arrow in the bottom right hand corner so you know where to go. Pick up each friend and get to the mall fast!...

played 8.022 times
Play VXR Racer
VXR Racer game free online

VXR Racer Game HOT

Race around a small track and try to win. Are you a VXR Pro?! Take your seat in one of the racing cars and test your driver skills. Race Vauxhall's top-end VXR models. You can challe...

played 7.037 times