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Rocket Racers game

Play Rocket Racers free online now. A top-down racing game, with rough-and-tumble dynamics. Race againt four alien opponents on 8 tracks. Pick up and use mi... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Rocket Racers game info

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Rocket Racers Game
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Rocket Racers Online Game

Rocket Racers Game Description

A top-down racing game, with rough-and-tumble dynamics. Race againt four alien opponents on 8 tracks. Pick up and use missiles to temporarily disable the other racers.
Unlock timetrial mode and try to get on the global leaderboard.

Rocket Racers Game Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move the car.
Space bar - missle

Out of game controls
Pause, retire from the race, quit the game or change sound settings using the mouse menu (right mouse button on PCs).

Quick start instructions (2 of 2)
The courses are in two 'cups' of 4 tracks each.
- Comet cup
- Sunspot Cup (initially locked)

Complete a race in the top 3 to progress, and unlock the track for single races and time-trial.

The best time for each track in time-trial is stored. Submit your best times to the global high-scores table.

You won't see these instructions after completing the first race, but see the main instructions on the title page.'

The Intergalactic Rocket Races
This championship provides great entertainment throughout the Local Croup, and promotes friendship and camaraderie between galaxies. Each ship is built by the competing lifeform to be very sturdy, and is also capable of interfacing with the race weaponisation system. This weapon is designed to temporarily disable all competitors in the vicinity, while causing no long-term damage.

The ships and pilots.
Blue - The Pride of Earth.
You have been chosen to represent Earth at the 229157th intergalactic rocket races.

Green Scimitar
Driven by Marmaduke, a member of the hunting Skree, for whom racing is a religion. From the outer arm of Andromeda, this competitor has travelled the furthest to take part. The Skree's predatory instincts make him a Fearsome competitor, who is very accurate with missiles.

Space Spider
One of a species of interstellar lifeform, this enormous beast is capable of racing by herself. The spider's senses are very different from most planetary-evolved organisms. She is capable of tracking many targets, and will try to maximise the effect of her missiles.

For the first time, the machine-intellegence from the Large Magellanic Cloud has chosen to enter, represented by Instantiation 1337. As a computer, this competitor will see every possibility for attack.

Adding a touch of glamour from Ursa Major, Selena Skyhook is this season's competitor from the Lololol.
The Lololol are renown for their sense of fair-play; you can expect Selena to target only competitors in, or close to the lead.

Contest Structure
The races are organised into two series; the Comet and Sunspot cups, of four races each. After you have completed a track, finishing in the top three, you are permitted to perform time-trials on that course.
Each track has one missile reloading station. From this, up to one missile per lap may be acquired.
You have three 'lives', if you fail to place in the top three, you lose a life and must repeat the race.

You control your ship by rotating it, and propelling it forward using its rocket engine. You can also fire the missile, once you've picked one up from the reloading station. Controls may be customised before the game starts. Don't be afraid of collisions with track walls or other contestants. This is a contact sport, and all contestants can withstand it.

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Rocket Racers Game
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Game name: Rocket Racers
Played: 3.241 times
Category: Racing games » Futuristic games
Author: Lysis

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