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Super Drag Racing game

Play Super Drag Racing free online now. Race ahead of your opponent and finish safely without crashing. Drag racing with gear shifting and s... Read more

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Super Drag Racing Online Game

Super Drag Racing Game Description

Race ahead of your opponent and finish safely without crashing. Drag racing with gear shifting and stopping. Win races to earn money for upgrading of your car, as well as save enough to enter the Championship race.

Super Drag Racing Game Instructions

Hold the spacebar down to give gas to your engine. You can accelerate your engine even when your car is in neutral. By accelerating your engine at the start line, you can achieve a faster take off when you switch to 1st gear allowing you the opportunity to get a head start on your opponent.

shifting gears (UP Arrow) and (DOWN Arrow)
Use the UP/DOWN directional keys to shift gears UP/DOWN. Your car is equipped with a high performance five speed transmission. By default you start each race in the neutral gear. Be sure to rev that engine up before switching to first gear.

Brak (X)
Use your brakes to help stop your car when you cross the finish line. Depending on your speed, your brakes may not be enough to stop you from hiting the tire barrier.

Parachute (Z)
Use the parachute to help even further slow down your car.

To reach maximum speed, watch your RPM gauge and shift gears at the proper time. If you switch gears to soon your engine will not have enough power to increase its speed rapidly. Also, If you switch gears to late, you're wasting valuable time when your car could be accelerating faster at higher gear.

Use your BRAKES and PARACHUTE to stop your car after crossing the finish line. If you use them to late, your car will crash into the tire barrier at the end of the track.

Team Budget
Your team starts with a budget of $20,000. Winning races will earn your team more money. The game is over when your team doesn't have enough money to enter any more races.

Upgrading your car is an absolute must!!! If you plan on winning all the races you better plan on upgrading your car. You can upgrade your engine, transmission, and weight of your car. Each type of upgrade costs your team different amounts of money. The rule of thumb Is, you get what you pay for!

Depending on your skill, car, and money, you can enter one of the three types of racing categories. Each category has five races. Each race is worth more money. But remember, as the stakes get higher, the racing becomes harder!

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Super Drag Racing Game
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Game name: Super Drag Racing
Played: 3.322 times
Category: Racing games » Other Racing games
Author: Goose Head

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