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5 Miles To Go game

Play 5 Miles To Go free online now. Five cars left in the game with five miles left to go all with the same specs, can you beat 'em? Only 5 miles to go in t... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 8.402 times
5 Miles To Go game info

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5 Miles To Go Online Game

5 Miles To Go Game Description

Five cars left in the game with five miles left to go all with the same specs, can you beat 'em? Only 5 miles to go in the race. 5 cars in the "front pack" with same speed, same horsepower, are fighting the lead!!! The only way you can take the lead and win is to draft along with other cars. Good luck!

5 Miles To Go Game Instructions

This is a racing type game which the player has to use the drafting technique to win races. After each 5th race, your stats (racing records) will be auto submit to rank in the Greatest Drivers List.

There are only 3 keyboard buttons used In this game: Q lor toggling high/low quality, you can press this key anytime in this game except for the Loading part and the Intro. The Down key and the Up key is to steer you car left or right in the race.

Q - toggle high/Low Quality
Up arrow - Go right
Down arrow - Go left

What is "Drafting"?
A NASCAR racing style that utilizes aerodynamic principles for two or more stock cars to take advantage of the slipstream or partial vacuum created behind them. When drafting, one racecar pulls up behind another on a straightaway; the front car penetrates the air while the rear car whisks along In the slipstream using less horsepower and fuel while traveling at the same speed. The rear car, in turn, extends the envelope of the vacuum, reducing the amount of drag on the front car, effectively pushing it along. Source: www.nascar.com.

How to race?
Your car is always at its top speed unless you're stuck behind a slower car. So the only keys you have to worry about is UP for going to the right, and DOWN for going to the left. There is no "turns" in this track, it's a 5 miles straight way... hmmm..... The ONLY way to pass the car in front of you is to draft along with the cars behind you. more cars running together bumper to bumper means more speed. So if you want to pass the guy in front of you, try to get other cars stay closely behind your back.

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5 Miles To Go Game
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Game name: 5 Miles To Go
Played: 8.402 times
Category: Racing games » Racing Cars games
Author: Thomaz Yeung

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