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Rural Racer game

Play Rural Racer free online now. Race around town in your car. Participate in this very cool game of mini racing. Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.190 times
Rural Racer game info

How to play the SWF game:

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Rural Racer Game

Rural Racer Online Game

Rural Racer Game Description

Race around town in your car. Participate in this very cool game of mini racing. Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and show him what it takes to be the ultimate rural racer. Enjoy!

Rural Racer Game Instructions

Player 1
Arrow Keys - Move.
Shift (Hold) - Turbo.

Player 2
WASD - Move.
~ Hold - Turbo.

Special keys:
P - pause
Esc - back to menu.

There are 8 laps. You have to finish each track as the winner to advance to the next level.

To make your car go faster, you can use turbo. You have to hold the turbo key (not only to press if). While holding the turbo key, your car will go faster. Below the speed indicator, you will see the status of the turbo energy. When you are out of energy, you have to wait until it refills. After that you can use it again.

Play the Rural Racer Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Rural Racer Game Screenshot

Rural Racer Game
Racing Online Game info
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Game name: Rural Racer
Played: 4.190 times
Category: Racing games » Rally & Off-Road games
Author: Miniclip

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