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Baseball Games

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"Take me out to the ballgame" It's baseball time! Pick up your bat and swing that ball out of the park in free online Baseball Games. Play the batter and try to run the 4 bases, put on that glove and try to catch the ball. We got all sorts of baseball games right here at Gamesloon. Just want to hit a home run? We got loads of batting games, focus on the ball and wham! Want the whole game experience? You can play all the innings and try to win the game. Have some baseball fun with famous cartoon characters like SpongeBob and Winnie The Pooh. Can you hit a home run in the Baseball Games?

Play Baseball Mayhem
Baseball Mayhem game free online

Baseball Mayhem Game

Welcome to the BaseBall Mayhem! Tom is playing against Ryan. Both are famous for their notorious acts in the street. They just need to do one thing - Target shots on to the people in...

played 8.572 times
Play Baseball Pong
Baseball Pong game free online

Baseball Pong Game

In Baseball Pong you have to try and rack up your score in the baseball style arkanoid game. Make sure not to let the ball pass your paddle, or your game is up. Bring yourself back t...

played 11.607 times
Play Batting Champ
Batting Champ game free online

Batting Champ Game

Baseball batting game with realistic 3D character rendering. Play a nice game of baseball. Hit the ball as longest and accurate as you can. Try to hit a home run to score many points.

played 16.758 times
Play Bugs Bunnys Home Run Derby
Bugs Bunnys Home Run Derby game free online

Bugs Bunnys Home Run Derby Game HOT

Only you and pitcher, who will win? Wham! A homah! Wham! Another homah! Bugs Bunny takes aim in a Home Run Derby for the ages! Bugs Bunny Home Run Derby, Swing the pitches as they cr...

played 26.101 times
Play Cat Baseball Practice
Cat Baseball Practice game free online

Cat Baseball Practice Game

Batter up! You play as a cat playing baseball... Pick beginner, amateur, or professional. Get ready for the pitch and swing your bat to score runs.

played 8.072 times
Play Chicken Little Batting Practice
Chicken Little Batting Practice game free online

Chicken Little Batting Practice Game HOT

It's time for batting practice with Chicken Little. Help Chicken Little score some runs.

played 16.833 times
Play Disney Bases Loaded
Disney Bases Loaded game free online

Disney Bases Loaded Game HOT

Disney Baseball is easy to play! When Goofy pitches the bait to Mickey, watch it.carefully! When you see the target around the ball, click your mouse button to hit the ball! Your t...

played 14.733 times
Play Homerun Frenzy
Homerun Frenzy game free online

Homerun Frenzy Game

How many homeruns can you hit?

played 4.192 times
Play Homerun Mania
Homerun Mania game free online

Homerun Mania Game

Think you can hit a few over the fence? We'll see. Beat these batting challenges and take your game to the majors! first select your player and then select a uniform. then choose on...

played 8.017 times
Play Pitching Machine
Pitching Machine game free online

Pitching Machine Game

Pick a professional baseball team then try to hit the 10 balls by swinging the bat. You can control the speed of the ball as well as choose your own bat. Good luck with the pitching...

played 7.123 times
Play Shockwave Baseball
Shockwave Baseball game free online

Shockwave Baseball Game HOT

Teamwork is everything in this baseball game! Play a nice game of baseball. The Pitcher will throw the ball at one of the squares. Quickly click the square it's heading to.

played 8.843 times
Play Spongebob Slammin' Slaggers
Spongebob Slammin' Slaggers game free online

Spongebob Slammin' Slaggers Game HOT

Play a game of baseball with Spongebob and his friends. Choose your favorite Spongebob character to play with in batting order, like patrick, sandy or even sponge bob himself!

played 18.891 times
Play Super Slugger
Super Slugger game free online

Super Slugger Game HOT

Try to hit the baseball as far as possible. Careful when they switch pitchers on you. Very nice baseball game, try and slug a bunch of home runs.

played 14.247 times