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Basketball Challenge Tournament Online Game

Basketball Challenge Tournament Game Description

This Basketball game is one of the better versions out there with nice graphics and good game play. You will need a few seconds to learn all the cool moves. this Basketball game lasts 45 seconds. Shot clock is set at 7 seconds. You are always on offense.

This Basketball game has Two modes of play. Tournament and single game. Separate leader boards for each mode. In single game mode choose from three defenders ranging from slow to quick ( user adjustable as well ) , and try to score as many points as possible in 45 seconds.

In tournament mode, play a 3 game tournament and your final score will be based on number of points earned ( 3 points for each win ) and score differential.

Click on one of the players below to play against him. Please make sure you choose a defender that matches your skill level
It is strongly recommended you start against the slowest opponent. Use power bars below players to tine tune level of difficulty. For example, dragging the bar under our slow player, all the way to the left will make him so slow he'll barely move.

Basketball Challenge Tournament Game Instructions

Move mouse up or down to move in closer to the basket or away from the basket.
To shoot, click left mouse button, hold until player reaches the top of his jump and release the mouse.

Place your cursor over your player and use mouse to move left and right. Practice to find the right speed of movement. If you try to move too fast too far left or right cursor will separate from the player's body and you'll temporarily lose control. Just place it back over the player and go again. Shorter quicker movements may be more effective. In the Options menu you can also adjust settings and make your player stick to the mouse better.

Click an the player to start the shoaling motion, hold tor a moment until your player reaches the highest point of the jump shot and release.
Note: You have to click on the player or near the player

If you miss that means you are releasing too early or loo late. The closer to the basket you are less accurate you need to be with mouse release. Shooting from behind the 3 point arc will be the most difficult.

You do not need to have much room between your player and a defender if you are shooting straight down the middle of the court and can get off a quick shot. Further away from the middle you move more space you need to have in order to not get your shot blocked, but if you are all the way in either corner a defender may give you room and let you shoot, especially if he sees you aren't making most of your shots.

You only have 7 seconds to take a shot, but try to read the defense and see how positioning changes during the game. Sometimes a defender will overplay to one side and give you more room to shoot from the other side.

You have to be able to get your shot oil quickly before defender can react. Example 1 shows the ball which just left player's hand and is moving towards the floor. If you click to start your shot in this position defender will have more time to catch up with you because the ball has to bounce off the floor and come up before it can be picked up.

Example 2 shows the right moment to click and start your shot. Ball has just bounced off the floor and is on the way up towards player's hand. It can be picked up almost instantly and as a result your shot will be much quicker and the defense will not have much time to react and catch up with you to block the shot.

As a general rule it's best to click and start a shot when you hear the ball bounce oft the floor.

You score : 3 points tor shots made from behind the 3 point lane / 2 points lor shots made from anywhere else Defense scores : 2 points each time you miss / 3 points if your shot is blocked or 7 second shot clock expires before you take a shot.

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Basketball Challenge Tournament Game
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Game name: Basketball Challenge Tournament
Played: 43.267 times
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