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Basketball Games

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Play 7-up Basket Bots
7-up Basket Bots game free online

7-up Basket Bots Game

Play some basketball with 7-up bottles! Your goal is to score as many points as you can before the time expires. If you score 20 points or more, you can continue to the next round.

played 7.052 times
Play Astronaut Smack
Astronaut Smack game free online

Astronaut Smack Game HOT

We thought we were alone in the universe but we are not! Aliens are smacking around our astronauts. See how far you can smack this astronaut without killing him.

played 7.182 times
Play B-Ball Shoot-Out
B-Ball Shoot-Out game free online

B-Ball Shoot-Out Game HOT

Shoot with the 3 players and try to make the highscore. You must score a set minimum number of points to stay in the game for all four periods.

played 6.204 times
Play Bad Boy Basketball
Bad Boy Basketball game free online

Bad Boy Basketball Game

A fun little basketball game where you have to aim the ball exactly in the center to score.

played 6.614 times
Play Basketball
Basketball game free online

Basketball Game

Nice Basketball Shooting! Score as many as you can. Test your skill in basketball. Throw the ball through the moving net!

played 4.496 times
Play Basketball Challenge
Basketball Challenge game free online

Basketball Challenge Game HOT

Get as many balls in the basket before the time expires. Juggle the ball with the pad and put it in the basketm. Try to basket as many balls within 3 mnutes.

played 4.707 times
Play Basketball Challenge Tournament
Basketball Challenge Tournament game free online

Basketball Challenge Tournament Game

This Basketball game is one of the better versions out there with nice graphics and good game play. You will need a few seconds to learn all the cool moves. this Basketball game last...

played 51.362 times
Play Basketball Show
Basketball Show game free online

Basketball Show Game HOT

Set your jump point, your angle, and your power just right to slam dunk and impress the girl.

played 2.968 times
Play Batman vs Superman Basketball Tournament
Batman vs Superman Basketball Tournament game free online

Batman vs Superman Basketball Tourn... Game

Check out this fun basketball game betwen Batman and Superman, who will win!? Choose between Batman or Superman and dunk as many basketballs as you possibly can.

played 14.070 times
Play BBall Shoot-Out
BBall Shoot-Out game free online

BBall Shoot-Out Game

Another fun basketball shooting game. Click the players to shoot the basketball into the hoop! Time your shots well and try to score as many as possible in all four periods. how many...

played 4.138 times
Play Ben 10 Basketball Star
Ben 10 Basketball Star game free online

Ben 10 Basketball Star Game HOT

Ben 10 sport game. Ben 10 is trying to practice basketball for the Olympic competition. Ben's dream is to win the gold medal at the Olympics, so please help Ben to complete the exerc...

played 6.821 times
Play Ben 10 Gwen Heroine Hoops
Ben 10 Gwen Heroine Hoops game free online

Ben 10 Gwen Heroine Hoops Game HOT

Help Gwen make those sweet jump shots! This is almost the same game as Ben 10: Hero Hoops, but first of all your character is not Ben, but Gwen and there are some new features. The g...

played 9.134 times
Play Ben 10 Hero's Hoops
Ben 10 Hero's Hoops game free online

Ben 10 Hero's Hoops Game

Help Ben perfect his jump shot! shoot the red rubber balls through the moving hoops. Score as many as baskets as you can before the time runs out.

played 9.775 times