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Bullseye Darts game

Play Bullseye Darts free online now. Get from 501 to 0 with the fewest number of throws in this classic dart game. There is a 2 player game option.... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 18.615 times
Bullseye Darts game info

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Bullseye Darts Online Game

Bullseye Darts Game Description

Get from 501 to 0 with the fewest number of throws in this classic dart game. There is a 2 player game option.

Bullseye Darts Game Instructions

Use the mouse to move the rotating target around the board, click to throw dart. The aim of the game is to get from 501 to 0 points. The outer band is double point, the middle triple. The center is the bullseye for 50 points, and the circle rimming that 25. To win you need to reduce your score to exactly 0 and finish with your last shot on either a double or a Bullsye.

Playing Computer
Choose your skill level, each level increase makes your target rotate faster, but also the computer more accurate! Shoot for the bull, the closest player starts. If you win then you can submit your score to our high score database.

Playing a friend
You can challenge a friend to a game of darts. If you initiate the challenge we record your shots until you reach 0. We then issue a challenge via email to your friend and they then play against YOUR shots. The results are then emailed to you and your friend.

Play the Bullseye Darts Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Bullseye Darts Game
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Game name: Bullseye Darts
Played: 18.615 times
Category: Sports games » Darts games
Author: Mark Fennell

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