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Dodge Ball Games

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Eliminate all the members of the opposing team by dodging and throwing the ball in the free online Dodge Ball Games. You’ll need a lot of stamina and agility to play this game, jump, dive, run, catch and throw the ball. Pick your team and join the battle in these Dodge Ball games.

Play All Star DodgeBall
All Star DodgeBall game free online

All Star DodgeBall Game HOT

Very fun dodgeball game. At the very beginning you and computer pick 3 celebs a piece to be on your dodgeball team. Throw the ball across the park until you knock out all your oppone...

played 9.953 times
Play Ball Dodge
Ball Dodge game free online

Ball Dodge Game

Yeah, just erm... dodge the balls. Hmph.

played 4.603 times
Play Dodge Ball - The Show
Dodge Ball - The Show game free online

Dodge Ball - The Show Game HOT

You're the Average Joe's Gym Dodgeball Team at the Vegas International Dodgeball Tournament. Battle through 5 rounds of single elimination dodgeball action to claim the championship.

played 16.537 times
Play Dodge Ball 2
Dodge Ball 2 game free online

Dodge Ball 2 Game HOT

The Next Version of Dodge Ball. Same Thrills, Same Adrenaline. But on a Whole New Level.

played 4.386 times
Play Dodge Ballin
Dodge Ballin game free online

Dodge Ballin Game HOT

A game of dodge ball where you power up throws and try to hit the opposing team. Watch out for balls. 3 on 3 Dodgeball. Choose from 6 high school teams with different levels of speed...

played 4.482 times
Play Dodge Balls
Dodge Balls game free online

Dodge Balls Game HOT

Use your mouse skills to dodge the balls for as long as possible. More and more appear. And do not touch the walls.

played 3.843 times
Play Dodge Brawl
Dodge Brawl game free online

Dodge Brawl Game

Show them what 180 drink can do to help you win this game. The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing Dodge Brawlers facing you by getting them "OUT". This may be done by hi...

played 6.946 times
Play Dodgeball
Dodgeball game free online

Dodgeball Game

Game of dodge ball anyone? How long can you dodge the dodgeballs for? You are kid playing dodgeball in this game You job is to dodge the tlying red and gray balls tor 5 tough levels...

played 3.268 times
Play Ma-Balls
Ma-Balls game free online

Ma-Balls Game HOT

Avoid the moving balls and collect those bonus points. The purpose of the game is to throw the balls by touching the ones that are bouncing, and after that try to dodge them. Add mor...

played 3.668 times
Play Shit War
Shit War game free online

Shit War Game

Throw piles of crap at the other team to win. Throw Poops and defeat all baddies.

played 5.419 times
Play SoccoFobia 3.1
SoccoFobia 3.1 game free online

SoccoFobia 3.1 Game HOT

Fast paced cartoonish soccer-meets-dodgeball business. Run for the ball! Or actually: Run away from it Try to avoid the balls as long as you can.

played 4.255 times
Play Ultimate Dodgeball
Ultimate Dodgeball game free online

Ultimate Dodgeball Game HOT

Dodge the balls and throw them back to knock the hell out of your opponent. This ultimate dodgeball game consists of two levels, your objective is to hit your opponent with the ball....

played 5.107 times