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Fishing Games

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Do you need to relax after a long week of work? And you don’t feel like heading out on a boat? Then you’ve come to the right place. Playing these fishing games will help you relax and can even improve your fishing skills. Whatever you want to catch, salmon, trout or even fairies you will find them in our free fishing games. Relax and fish on a smooth, flat lake, throw the fishing line in the right spot, or be brave and fish in the big ocean. Go under water fishing with your harpoon, try to catch some salmon by throwing your fishing line from your boat. Try to catch all the fish you can in the fun virtual Fishing Games.

Play Hook Line And Sinker
Hook Line And Sinker game free online

Hook Line And Sinker Game HOT

Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points. Don't try to catch the sharks as they will eat you up. Fun fishing game. Help the fisherman catch th...

played 52.737 times
Play Deep Sea Boat Fishing
Deep Sea Boat Fishing game free online

Deep Sea Boat Fishing Game HOT

Start Fishing in the Deep Sea from a little row boat! Make it adventurous and strategic! Use your fishing rod to catch the fish in this fun fishing game!

played 40.529 times
Play Mr Meaty Treasures Of The Deep
Mr Meaty Treasures Of The Deep game free online

Mr Meaty Treasures Of The Deep Game HOT

Go fishing in Mr. Meaty's deep-fryer to see what kinds of gross treats you can find! The deeper you go the grosser it gets. Hitting anything will hook it! Try to catch the nastiest i...

played 38.989 times
Play Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon
Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon game free online

Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon Game HOT

Shoot the fish, grab the treasure. Get the biggest stash you can and buy upgrades in the shop to help you progress! Catch fish as many as you can before time runs out.

played 38.519 times
Play Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing game free online

Reel Fishing Game

Test your fishing skills in this realistic fishing simulation game. Just throw your line and see what you can catch! Very realistic fishing simulator, where you have to cast your rod...

played 32.946 times
Play Shooting Fish
Shooting Fish game free online

Shooting Fish Game HOT

Aim your harpoon and shoot it down to snag a fish and reel it back up to your boat. Use your boat's harppon gun to shoot and hunt big fish.

played 25.766 times
Play Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing game free online

Deep Sea Fishing Game

Collect as many fishes as you can in a dive. resurface to gain score for the fishes you got. the more you catch, the more score you got.

played 14.877 times
Play Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing
Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing game free online

Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing Game

Bugs is training for the ACME Fishing Contest. Catch loads of fishies with your rod and win!

played 13.883 times
Play Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish game free online

Jelly Fish Game HOT

The aim of Jellyfish is to collect all the fish in the water and avoid the bad objects like boots and buckets. You have 30 seconds to complete each level, if you are happy with what...

played 11.749 times
Play Big Fish
Big Fish game free online

Big Fish Game HOT

Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes.

played 10.620 times
Play Dino Fishing
Dino Fishing game free online

Dino Fishing Game HOT

A dinosaur game. Use your enormous Baryonyx hand claw to hook fish out of the water. Be quick if you don't want to starve!

played 10.569 times
Play Sylvester Under The Sea
Sylvester Under The Sea game free online

Sylvester Under The Sea Game HOT

Sylvester needs some cash. Therefor he decides to go fishinf. Grab the fish as you avoid the shark. Chase after Tweetey to steal the air tank and keep from dying. Help Sylvester c...

played 9.254 times
Play Action Fish - Go Fishing again!
Action Fish - Go Fishing again! game free online

Action Fish - Go Fishing again! Game

Catch as many fish as you can within a limited time. A very nicely animated game.

played 9.074 times