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Fishing Games

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Do you need to relax after a long week of work? And you don’t feel like heading out on a boat? Then you’ve come to the right place. Playing these fishing games will help you relax and can even improve your fishing skills. Whatever you want to catch, salmon, trout or even fairies you will find them in our free fishing games. Relax and fish on a smooth, flat lake, throw the fishing line in the right spot, or be brave and fish in the big ocean. Go under water fishing with your harpoon, try to catch some salmon by throwing your fishing line from your boat. Try to catch all the fish you can in the fun virtual Fishing Games.

Play Action Fish - Go Fishing again!
Action Fish - Go Fishing again! game free online

Action Fish - Go Fishing again! Game

Catch as many fish as you can within a limited time. A very nicely animated game.

played 9.497 times
Play Aquarium Scoop Hotshot
Aquarium Scoop Hotshot game free online

Aquarium Scoop Hotshot Game

Scoop the little fishies with your aquarium net. There are a total of 32 fun level you can play! With 12 unlockable fish and they all behave differently. Final Blitz level that unloc...

played 9.718 times
Play Aquarium Spreng Fischen
Aquarium Spreng Fischen game free online

Aquarium Spreng Fischen Game

Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up fish.

played 6.940 times
Play Big Fish
Big Fish game free online

Big Fish Game HOT

Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes.

played 11.037 times
Play Big Fishing Fun
Big Fishing Fun game free online

Big Fishing Fun Game HOT

Help Yokel complete 16 levels of catch fishing while avoiding garbage, tires and boots. Visit the shot and upgrade his hooks and buy more dynamite!!

played 3.829 times
Play Blow Fishing
Blow Fishing game free online

Blow Fishing Game

You should get in a definite time so much kgs of fish, how many is specified in a mission briefing. You receive the prize-winning sum for it. If you have got more fishes, you receive...

played 3.288 times
Play Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing
Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing game free online

Bugs Bunny Gone Fishing Game

Bugs is training for the ACME Fishing Contest. Catch loads of fishies with your rod and win!

played 14.773 times
Play Catch Fish
Catch Fish game free online

Catch Fish Game

Catch the fish by throwing stones at them.

played 5.667 times
Play Crazy Fishing
Crazy Fishing game free online

Crazy Fishing Game HOT

You take a role of a fisherman in the game. The ocean swarms with various underwater creatures, including small fish and large sharks. Your objective is to catch as much fish as time...

played 9.117 times
Play Deep Sea Boat Fishing
Deep Sea Boat Fishing game free online

Deep Sea Boat Fishing Game HOT

Start Fishing in the Deep Sea from a little row boat! Make it adventurous and strategic! Use your fishing rod to catch the fish in this fun fishing game!

played 41.025 times
Play Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing game free online

Deep Sea Fishing Game

Collect as many fishes as you can in a dive. resurface to gain score for the fishes you got. the more you catch, the more score you got.

played 15.531 times
Play Dino Fishing
Dino Fishing game free online

Dino Fishing Game HOT

A dinosaur game. Use your enormous Baryonyx hand claw to hook fish out of the water. Be quick if you don't want to starve!

played 11.090 times
Play Doraemon Fishing
Doraemon Fishing game free online

Doraemon Fishing Game HOT

Doraemon Fishing is not in English but this mouse only game is easy to understand and to play. Just get as many fishes as you can and avoid sharks or it's game over.

played 8.714 times