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Play Doozy Landing free online now. Help Doozies make Safe & Happy Landings in Doozy Land! Doozies are adorable, cheerful, bubbly, hard-... Read more

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Doozy Landing Online Game

Doozy Landing Game Description

Help Doozies make Safe & Happy Landings in Doozy Land! Doozies are adorable, cheerful, bubbly, hard-working group of dwarfs who live in the valley of Doozy Land. However, the nature of their work requires them to travel atop the mountain. After the day's hard work, they jump off the cliff to reach home and that's a risky affair for sure. But you can help them reach their homes safely and in one piece, by arming them with a parachute each, as they jump.

Doozy Landing Game Instructions

With the help of your mouse, just aim the Para-Shooter in the direction of the Doozy. Then, as a Doozy jumps of the cliff, use the left click to fire the parachute in its direction.

If you help any Doozy make a safe landing, you will earn points. However, if you miss, and the Doozy falls on the ground, you will lose 660 points.

10 different levels = 10 times the fun!

Are you ready to give Doozies a Helping Hand & Have Fun?

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Doozy Landing Game
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Game name: Doozy Landing
Played: 5.249 times
Category: Sports games » Gliding & Parachuting games
Author: Ibexis

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