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Capoeira Fighter 1 game

Play Capoeira Fighter 1 free online now. Awesome fighting game with lots of awesome moves! Play capoeira to the sound of the berimbau, run at... Read more

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Played: 15.186 times
Capoeira Fighter 1 game info

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Capoeira Fighter 1 Online Game

Capoeira Fighter 1 Game Description

Awesome fighting game with lots of awesome moves! Play capoeira to the sound of the berimbau, run attacks, combos. in the fight game in Brazil. 2 player only fighting game with jump kicking.

Capoeira Fighter 1 Game Instructions

Player 1 Default
right: d
left: a
up: w
down: s
punch 1: g
punch 2: h
kick 1: v
kick 2: b

Player 2 Default
right: right arrow
left: Left arrow
up: up arrow
down: down arrow
punch 1: numpad 5
punch 2: numpad 6
kick 1: numpad 2
kick 2: num pad 3


bk = back leg kick button, fk = front leg kick button, bp = back arm punch button, fp = front arm punch button

armada: back+bk
armada dupla: back+up+fk
au batido: forward+down+bp
au de frente: down+forward+fp
au se mau: forward+up+fk
bencao: forward+fk
bencao low: down+bk
bencao de renia: down+fk
cabecada: forward+bpunch
chibata presa: forward+bk
coluna: hold back, fk, bk
compasso: back+fk
compasso na rina: down+back+bk
cutelo: bpunch
cutelo rodado: back+fpunch
cutevelada rodado: back+bpunch
esquivas: back while being attacked
galopante: fp
martello: bk
martello x 2: hold bk. up
martello x 3: hold bk, up, down
martello rodado: hold back, bk, fk
macaco: down, bp+fp+back
qeixada: bk+up
parafuso: back+up+bk
passa pe: fk+up
ponteira: fk
ponteira. martello: hold fk, up
ponteira, martello, esporau: hold fk, up, down
rasteira: down+forward+bkick
rasteira front leg: down+forward+fk
rasteira de costa: down+back +fkick
s-dobrado: hold down+forward, then fk. then bk
spinning inside crescent kick: back+bk
jump spinning crescent kick with legs together: back+up++bk+fk
handstand kick: forward+fp
front walk over: down, foprward+bp+fp
arial: forward+up+fk
front push kick: forward+fk
ducking push kick: down+bk
ducking side push kick: down+fk
head butt: forward+bpunch
round house with one hand down: forward+bk
wheel kick walk over: hold back. fk. bk
wheel kick: back+fk
wheel kick on hands: down+back+bk
ridge hand: bpunch
spinning ridge hand: back+fpunch
spinning elbow: back+bpunch
dodges: back while being attacked
open handed punch to the ear: fp
roundhouse: bk
roundhouse x 2: hold bk. up
roundhouse x 3: hold bk. up. down
jump spinning crescent kick, roundhouse: hold back, bk, fk
back walk over: down, bp+fp+back
inside crescent kick: bk+up
jump spinning inside crescent kcik: back+up+bk
outside crescent kick: fk+up
front snap kick: fk
front snap kick, roundhouse: hold fk, up
front snap kick, roundhouse, hook kick: hold fk, up, down
roundhouse sweep: down+forward+bkick
roundhouse sweep front leg: down+forward+fk
spin kick sweep: down+back +fkick
s-dobrado: hold down+forward, then fk. then bk

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Capoeira Fighter 1 Game
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Game name: Capoeira Fighter 1
Played: 15.186 times
Category: Sports games » Martial Arts games
Author: Scott Stoddard

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